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27th Challenge Scootentole - Mirecourt 1st of June 2019

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NOTE> Even though this is an ESC race, we will provide transponders for Mirecourt 2019 !


Block your agenda !


Scootentole presents the 27th Challenge Scootentole -:wheeeha: 


As usual, track will be accessible for training on Thursday, Friday and Sundayxx€ half-day and xx€ full day (payment on site). For these 3 days, you must have your own insurance or you get one on the spot (from the track).

On Friday, the track will be scooter-only !   

On Thursday and Sunday, practice on track will be available (15min sessions) alternatively with go-karts and/or with motorbikes 





Categories and podiums (to be confirmed)


- K1 (C3-1)
- C3-2
- K3 (C2L)
- K4
- C4 (former old largeframe K4)
- K5 (C2S)
- K6 (C1)
- K7 (C7)


Planning (To be confirmed)


Roulage - 20 minutes 
8h30: K6 + K7
8h50: K5
9h10: K1 + C3-2
9h30: K3 + K4 + C4
Qualification 1 - 20 minutes 
9h50: K6 + K7
10h10: K5
10h30: K1 + C3-2
10h50: K3 + K4 + C4
Qualification 2 - 20 minutes 
11h10: K6 + K7 
11h30: K5 + K3
11h50: K1 + C3-2
12h10: K3 + K4 + C4


12h30-13h30 Pause déjeuner / Lunch Break

Course 1 - Race 1 - 10 minutes + 2 laps
13h30: K6 + K7
13h50: K5
14h10: K3 + C4
14h30: K1
14h50: C3-2 + K4
Course 2 - Race 2 - 10 minutes + 2 laps
15h10: K6 + K7
15h30: K5
15h50: K3 + C4
16h10: K1
16h30: C3-2 + K4
Course 3 - Race 3 - 10 minutes + 2 laps
16h50: K6 + K7
17h10: K5
17h30: K3 + C4
17h50: K1
18h10: C3-2 + K4
Best of All - 10 minutes + 2 laps
18h30: 5 best of all racing categories



Followed by:

  • Podium
  • Lucky-draw
  • Apero !!!    :cheers:


Food and drinks
There will be possibility to eat on the spot, usual BBQ, french fries, etc

* Lunch (main dish, drink, coffee): TBD

* Diner coupon (Salad, meat, fries, drink, coffee): TBD


Location of the track : 
As a reminder, the track is in Mirecourt (France, 88) and it is not so far from the German border; get direction: http://maps.google.fr/maps?f=d&hl=fr&geocode=4052204080919766249,48.319569,6.077357&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=&daddr=Circuit+de+mirecourt%4048.319569,+6.077357&mra=pe&mrcr=0&sll=48.274054,6.019135&sspn=0.18783,0.398254&ie=UTF8&ll=47.931066,6.679688&spn=6.050603,12.744141&t=h&z=6&om=1


A twisty, technical yet fast track in perfect condition, 1250m x 8m, fully equipped !



More info to come...



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Even though this is an ESC race, we will provide transponders for Mirecourt 2019 !

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Oh.... No more K2 in 2019:aaalder:


Good decision in my opinion.... But we missed the annoucement :lookaround:

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