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  1. Hey I think so! Please send registration ! See first page!
  2. Hi guys, Due to a recent dis-engament, we have room for another team ! If interested, don't wait too long and send us your form (see post #1).
  3. 2 points: 1. Online english reglement was updated: SP2 is limited to 30mm carburetors (it is written in the category description but was deleted by mistake in the latest revision) 2. Here is the list of teams. Don't forget to pay in full before deadine: LP1 : N°5 NOBLOX RACING By Burzock (F) N°32 TWOSHEDS RACING (UK) N°22 SCUDERIA PINASCO LARGE (I) N°29 OLD SCOOT RACING TEAM (F) N°38 KOLT AND GROOVE (F) N°73 GDM 2 (F) N°95 FLASH MAC QUEEN (F) N°99 SCOOTOPIA 99 (UK) N°158 RSN RACING (F) N°401 ROTO RACING TEAM (F) N°404 TEAM LES BANANES (F) N°446 AUTHENTIK RACING TEAM 2 (F) N°617 TEAM TASS (UK) N°908 TEAM HERR DOKTOR (F) N°917 AUTHENTIK RACING TEAM 3 (F) N°991 SCOOTOPIA 991 (UK) N°1863 TEAM 1863 (F) LP2 N°9 STIHL PINASCO RACING (D) N°20 L'APICOLE (F) N°62 TEAM SCOOT'R SERVICES (F) N°69 VESPA COCHON (F) N°469 CRV-CHAMPAGNE RACING VESPA (F) SP1 N°1 SCUDERIA ESC (D) N°1 SPRT 2 (F) N°1 MAVESPA (F) N°6 TEAM PAUL by KR Automation (D) N°21 SCUDERIA PINASCO SMALL (I) N°34 TEAM LEDERWIXX (D) N°150 G16 RACING (D) N°264 AUTHENTIK RACING TEAM 1 (F) N°567 MATHIS Motorsport 1 (F) N°568 MATHIS Motorsport 2 (F) N°1158 SFR (SP1 ou LP1 à voir) (D) SP2 N°8 STHIL PINASCO RACING SF (D) N°13 VESPETTA RACING ( ?) N°19 HCRC (F) N°28 BIC ERC 1 (F) N°110 DRK110 (F) N°127 RS TEAM (F) N°135 SPRT 1 (F) N°173 ERDUNKE LEISTUNGKURS (D) SP3 N°7 DRK7 (F) N°45 ROLANDO RACING (P/SP) N°46 THE VESPAPAS (F) N°71 LES BIDOCHONS (F) N°79 JLP Performance (A) N°93 MANOUCH RACING (F) N°343 DER BLITZ MOB (D) N°692 KOCHONNE RACING TEAM (F) Waiting list SCOOTOPIA 3 (UK-LP1) N°89 HZ NON PERFORMANCE TEAM (SP3)
  4. A few thousand++ pictures https://www.facebook.com/pg/ChallengeScootentole/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2649363368431088 Mit der klassiker:
  5. Danke !.... mehr ?! :) "Team Herr Doktor" pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.405263536731775&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.405265600064902&type=3
  6. Almost no chance to wait... Decide now or wait for 2020....
  7. Registration opened (on Facebook already since few days !!). Already 35+ teams. Don't wait !!
  8. Full results can be found here: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1668952 and here http://www.chronolux.net//classements/2019/MIRECOURT/index.htm Would love to get more feedback and some pictures !
  9. Agenda update: Roulage - 20 minutes 8h30: K6 + K7 8h50: K5 9h10: K1 + C3-2 9h30: K3 + K4 + C4 Qualification 1 - 20 minutes 9h50: K6 + K7 10h10: K5 10h30: K1 + C3-2 10h50: K3 + K4 + C4 Qualification 2 - 20 minutes 11h10: K6 + K7 11h30: K5 11h50: K1 + C3-2 12h10: K3 + K4 + C4 12h30. PHOTO DE GROUPE 12h30-13h30 Pause déjeuner / Lunch Break Course 1 - Race 1 - 10 minutes + 2 laps 13h30: K3 + C4 13h50: K5 14h10: K4 14h30: K6 + K7 14h50: K1 + C3-2 Course 2 - Race 2 - 10 minutes + 2 laps 15h10: K3 + C4 15h30: K5 15h50: K4 16h10: K6 + K7 16h30: K1 + C3-2 Course 3 - Race 3 - 10 minutes + 2 laps 16h50: K3 + C4 17h10: K5 17h30: K4 17h50: K6 + K7 18h10: K1 + C3-2 Best of All - 10 minutes + 2 laps Drivers per categories: ESC K1/2019 (French C3-1) 9 ESC K4/2019 10 ESC K6/2019 (French C1) 5 French C3-2/2019 6 ESC K3/2019 (French C2L) 6 ESC K5/2019 (French C2S) 25 ESC K7/2019 (French C7) 3 French C4/2019 3
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