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    ESC News

    Dear friends, Unfortunately we also have to cancel our ESC race Challenge Scootentole in Mirecourt for 2020... See you there in 2021, 13-16th of May
  3. COVID-19 Mirecourt 2020 is canceled... See you all in 2021 !!
  4. #99 is ranked properly: http://chronolux.net/classements/2019/MAGNY COURS/10 h - endurance - final.html Reason they did not show up on MyLaps is that they ran out of fuel in the last lap..... Thanks to Authentik's Lambretta who taxied them, they managed to reach the beginning of the pit lane; There they were told (as written in the reglement) that if you cross the line 5 minutes after the winner, you'll be ranked ! They pushed the scooter to the line and manage to hold on 5th place overall, unfortunately loosing P1 in LP2. MyLaps was last updated just before and that's why you
  5. They changed for the spare scooter, then decided to use back the original scooter which was fixed. The first change is 50 laps penalty. The second change is not allowed: race direction agreed that they could continue, but not ranked.
  6. Last page of: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRbcoeEoBF_O1E1QQHMmYrSK45ylh2OKJdMw_OzjPJ2mebokVPJjyEE8angwJZ3Oamty1mxJzAqYdgi/pub
  7. All timing: http://chronolux.net/classements/2019/MAGNY COURS/index.htm
  8. Gentlemen, start your engine.... Numéro Catégorie Team 22 LP1 SCUDERIA PINASCO LARGE 1863 LP1 Team 1863 99 LP1 Scootopia 99 991 LP1 Scootopia 991 617 LP1 TASS 908 LP1 Team Herr Doktor 5 LP1 NOBLOX racing By Burzock 917 LP1
  9. Hi guys, Due to a recent dis-engament, we have room for another team ! If interested, don't wait too long and send us your form (see post #1).
  10. 2 points: 1. Online english reglement was updated: SP2 is limited to 30mm carburetors (it is written in the category description but was deleted by mistake in the latest revision) 2. Here is the list of teams. Don't forget to pay in full before deadine: LP1 : N°5 NOBLOX RACING By Burzock (F) N°32 TWOSHEDS RACING (UK) N°22 SCUDERIA PINASCO LARGE (I) N°29 OLD SCOOT RACING TEAM (F) N°38 KOLT AND GROOVE (F) N°73 GDM 2 (F) N°95 FLASH MAC QUEEN (F) N°99 SCOOTOPIA 99 (UK) N°158 RSN RACING (F) N°401 ROTO RACING TEAM (F) N°404 TEAM LES BANANES (F) N°
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