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GSF Terms of Service

The security of your personal data is very important to us. We have therefore revised our data protection declaration and terms of use in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

After each revision, we actively ask you to consent. Please take the time to read through.

You can find the GSF data protection declaration here: https://www.germanscooterforum.de/privacy/

Here you can find the GSF imprint and the disclaimer: https://www.germanscooterforum.de/impressum.html/

Calling up the GSF is not permitted without consent.


As in other forums, it is not permitted to post completely meaningless, obscene, abusive, racist or purely promotional posts. Such posts will be deleted immediately by the moderators. Nicknames representing leading personalities of the 3rd Reich are undesirable here and will not be tolerated. The same applies to signatures and avatars that violate good morals, glorify violence or offend a third party. Postings or links to illegal content such as warez, cracks, serials, right-wing extremist or anti-state content will be deleted or edited without query. The same applies to spam and advertising in the larger sense. Dual identities are also not allowed. Users who violate these guidelines can be blocked by the admin.


Only content may be used in the GSF that verifiably either

are self-created.
are released from the copyright of the owner.
or public domain (free of any rights).


This means:

Content created by myself:
Content may be uploaded to the GSF using the upload function or linked in such a way that it appears immediately when the post is called up.
Content not self-created but content is free of rights or permission is available:
Content may not be uploaded to the GSF and may only be integrated into the GSF via a text link (the risk of a warning lies with the author of the contribution)
Content not self-created and no permission is given:
No use allowed in GSF.

This applies, for example, to images, avatars, screen copies (screenshots) from programs, scans from works subject to copyright.
This also applies, for example, to excerpts from maps / city plans.
Third-party content that you have revised is classified as "not self-created", since you do not necessarily have the copyright to it despite the revision. To avoid this gray area, revised content is treated like the original. E.g. a company logo that you have recolored is still "not self-created" content in the GSF.

However, there is a release from the following companies that you may use images from their websites without restriction to illustrate your contributions here in the GSF (i.e. not on your private HP):

  • Down And Forward
  • Grand Sport
  • IS Parts
  • Jockey's pit stop
  • LTH
  • MRP - High Performance
  • Nordspeed Racing
  • PEP parts
  • RPM Scootering
  • Scooter center
  • Scooterhelp.com
  • Scooter and Spare Parts
  • S.E.SC
  • SIP
  • Sqooter (webshop only)
  • Vespa archive
  • VSR shop
  • Worb5

Please always write the source under the picture if it is not clear from the picture itself! (e.g. by watermarks etc.)


Minimum age

The forum may only be entered and used by persons who have reached the age of 16.

Please use the search function first and read old threads (posts)
Unfortunately, many new users use the search function too little or not at all. It is very annoying when more or less the same question comes up repeatedly. If you browse through older threads, you will often find an answer to your question immediately and do not have to wait for an answer. If you disregard it, you will receive clear references to an existing search function and your question will remain unanswered.


Double postings will be deleted without notice
Please avoid posting your questions multiple times in the various forums of the GSF.


Don't use aggressive titles
Subject lines like ? Hiiillllfffffeee" or "urgent" or similar are considered aggressive and will not be read.


Please post in the correct forum
There are many different forums. Before posting a contribution, get an overview of which forum your contribution fits best.
Special case: As soon as a suitable forum exists, the content must not end up in the shout box. BlaBla and meaningless content can still be posted in the shout box.


Write in detail
It is understandable if you want to send a question as quickly as possible under time pressure (fees, because there is no flat rate yet), but you are only making it unnecessarily difficult for others. Describe your problem as precisely as possible and in a way that is easy to understand.


Please be polite
Before you submit a contribution, please read it carefully. Often a post reads from a reaction written more negative than it is actually meant. Also consider whether you would like an answer like this or whether the text could be misunderstood. This is very easy to do, especially with content meant to be ironic. Be careful with supposed humor, irony and sarcasm. Never get carried away with verbal outbursts. If you want to avoid online time, write your text in a text program beforehand and paste it with copy+paste.


Try to write clearly.
Please remember that not everyone speaks your dialect and that your contribution will not only be read in Germany. For this reason, you should make sure that your German is reasonably correct. Also, you should avoid writing everything in "lowercase" letters as well as ALWAYS IN CAPITAL LETTERS, as this is difficult to read and could also be interpreted as shouting. Missing punctuation also makes a text very difficult to read (like this one), because the sentences, which can be nested in one another, cannot be logically separated from one another. Also tippfejler and Buchtsabendrheer do not exactly contribute to good legibility. You should therefore definitely check the text again for the worst mistakes before sending it. If you obviously don't bother with the question, you don't have to expect that other people will even bother to read and answer it.


The "Upload" function and linked files
It is absolutely forbidden to upload/link to files that are copyrighted or whose distribution is illegal, i.e. no images that do not belong to you, no pirated copies, no videos, no pieces of music etc.
If you notice such a violation, please report it to the moderators immediately.


The Quota function
Please avoid repeating the entire previous post as a quote. Delete everything that does not directly belong to the understanding. In particular, the salutation or greeting at the end of a post are not required. If you quote other people or institutions, please indicate the source for copyright or license reasons. This also makes it easier to verify the arguments presented in the article.


Personal messages

It is forbidden to publish personal messages here in the forum, even if they have been made anonymous.


Insults and foul language
Please avoid the so-called "gutter" language and insults of all kinds. Excessive discussions about different opinions on a topic should not be "fought out" in the forum, but on a private level through e-mail or personal messages.


Delete account
If you want to delete your own account, please let us know by post in the "Support Forum". The account will then be deleted as soon as possible, the posts will be kept anonymous.
It is not possible to delete the posts themselves, otherwise topics will lose their context.


No commercial advertising without my consent
Anyone who wants to advertise their business in the GSF can do so in the GSF Special Forum. However, it must be offered by the trader GSF discount.


By the way: use of unnecessary characters
by Terry Pratchett: Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign for a diseased mind.


If you do not agree with one of the above rules, registration at the GSF / use of the GSF is not permitted.

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