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  1. You who are kidding, you do not know that quality work has its price? 80 hours of work so that this Vespa can drive without being afraid of breaking down, not a DIY just to do well that the buyer will come !. Re-adjusted mechanical parts, searches for original parts such as the original Comodo and the rear light. The goal is to have a reliable vespa, with a compliant and conservative restoration Only plate Monneret cost 500€ It's not V56, but V55, very more rare
  2. Vespa ACMA 1955 Perfect condition Original paint Matching number (serial number chassis same serial number engin ) key neiman which work Engine rebuilt Tires, cable ducts, bearings, brake ....all new Paper (carte grise) in my name s This acma is solded in Paris in 1955 to the concession Georges Monneret (great dealer) A plate is also riveted on the rear wing The tail light is specific to this model (and to the first 150GL and first TAP) The headlight glass, cream comodo is exactly for this model The saddles are in perfect condit
  3. Hi Thomas, thank's. Yes google traduction not all friend :( I just propose acma 1955, original paint, of my collection. I think sell it. All ok, engin remade, paper ect... Good day :)
  4. Hallo, I have acma 55 O lack, Bereit zum reiten
  5. Vespa acma Können Sie die Anzeige entfernen, weil die Vespa verkauft ist? Vielen Dank
  6. Not switch original for ACMA. It's adaptable, never mounted by acma . ;)
  7. Magnifique travail, c'était trop pour moi en 2016 lorsque je l'ai vendu. C'est un modèle très rare et le numéro de série est dans les tout premiers après les vespa tringle. Garde le, si tu peux
  8. Alexander sell to you? I have to old paper... fisrt carte grise
  9. Bonsoir, commutateur de couleur crème noté vespa, 3 postions après le point 0 et une position mise à la masse. J en ai plusieurs neufs d'époque, si tu en cherches un. En 1955,le comodo est beige et surtout pas gris. Sur celui en photo, le bouton du klaxon n'est pas d'origine. Les comodos non vespa, sont des comodos adaptables, non montés par ACMA
  10. Bonjour Ronny, quel est le numéro inscrit sur le garde boue? je pense que c'est mon ancien 51, bleu auparavant
  11. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Vespa-acma-Pneu-350-x-9-vespa-150-gl-acma/174356114055?hash=item28986f2a87:g:oNoAAOSwJ-ldFS98
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