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  1. en même temps en ebay-Kleinanzeigen
  2. documents , copies, from Vespa Club Starsbourg, see https://www.facebook.com/groups/622378401280935/?ref=bookmarks on left ''fichiers'' i insert documentation ACMA ;)
  3. Leve-scooter (Rollerlifte ??) der 1950er Jahre Original 2500€ Lyon in Frankreich WhatApps: +33(0) 676 711 478 photos 3 & 4 for exemple
  4. acma39


    Please follow the rules for the marketplace Hinweise zum Marktplatz. Especially this one: We recommend to offer the scooter maybe 2 weeks exclusively in the GSF. If you don't sell it here, you are free to offer it at ebay or leboncoin. More to the background of this rule here (in german): "Marktplatzregeln: ebay, pushing etc." . Vielen Dank!
  5. Hallo, when i have 52 in my home, i make photos for you. Good evenning
  6. ACMA 150GL Matching numbers 1957 4 speeds 150cc Old restoration no finish Need finisch restoration A to Z completly Rare, only 14000 exemplary => history on this page http://vintagescooters.free.fr/vespa/acma/v_acma150gl-56.htm engin not running , no bloqued no paper in Frankreich, near LYON
  7. acma39


    je pense que c'est un modèle pas très connu en Allemagne et en Autriche, Un modèle atypique qui mérite une autre approche que la vente d'un Vespa classique .
  8. acma39


    je viens de supprimer l'annonce sur leboncoin si l'annonce GSF dérange, pas de souci, supprime là bon weekend de Pâques à tous
  9. acma39


    We need paper for road , paper delivred by french army the scooter is the tripod and canoon SR75 don't can to put on other scooter in Franckreich , for Germany , I don't know the legislation good evening
  10. acma39


    no no demilitarized
  11. Tap solded Danke
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