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  1. Ilango

    Kann zu erledigt!!!!

    Taking reference from the following listing in this same forum. The said listing was 2 rims and tyres, while your listing was for 2 rims and just 1 tyre. And I had purchased the same from the seller for 90 Euro only. So I would like to point out that there has not been any amusing assumptions made here. You listing was just for 2 rims and 1 tyre. I would have been happier if you had straight away said that the offer doesn't fit your reserve.
  2. Ilango

    Kann zu erledigt!!!!

    Hi, würdest du 80€ für beide Felgen akzeptiern? LG, Shrikanth
  3. Unfortunately it lacks a parking light. And the entire reflector assembly is made out of metal like in the Vijai Super. True, it is unit of CNH. But you might have to confirm if this model headlight comes in the EU models.
  4. I had paid about Rs 350/- (Less than 5 Euro) for the laser cutting & the little brazing work. I am more than happy to get more of them prepared. The shipping cost from India is going to be prohibitive against the cost of this ring itself. But if you could wait till the end of June, I could probably prepare a few and send with my brother who lives in Bochum. Shipping inside DE is not going to be that expensive. I shall look at the package or the purchase bill and share here in a day or two.
  5. After searching high and low for a headlamp upgrade for my Vijai Super, I felt lucky to spot a headlamp from a New Holland 3630 tractor. The reflector assembly is of the same size of that of the Vijai Super. Took the plunge and procured an assembly from a New Holland dealer near my place. All I had to do was to devise an adaptation to make use of the this light assembly with the Vijai Super headlight ring. Took help from a friend who translated my paper cut model into a Laser cut piece. Did some welding and the final product was crimped to the 3630 reflector assembly. Will let the pictures speak about the details.
  6. Ilango

    Erledigt Danke

    Dear Paul, Thank you very much. Nice dealing with you. My brother will be bringing them to India during his next trip back home. And then, mine will probably be the only Vijai Super (Lambretta) in India with Alloy wheels and Tubeless tyres. A special thanks from my brother for your kindness. Regards, Ilango
  7. Ilango

    Lambretta wheel rim PCD and ID

    So, with you guys confirming the dimensions I was able to prepare a drawing and got a flange piece cut in a Laser cutting machine. Also I got the centre flange removed from a brand new 2.15x10" rim of a Honda scooter. Will get the welding done over the weekend. Before which I have to prepare a fixture that holds and aligns the centers of both the rim and the flange while welding. If you had been wondering what could be the white material covering the 3 holes around the splines of the brake drum, they are wasp nests.
  8. Ilango

    Lambretta wheel rim PCD and ID

    Thank you very much. The difference is 1,5 mm. Yes but still it is a lot, because the load on the tyre would be going to the bolts instead of going to the brake drum. Actually I am looking at adapting a locally available 2,1 - 10" rim of a Honda scooter to my Vijai Super. Hence wanted to confirm these values.
  9. Ilango

    Lambretta wheel rim PCD and ID

    79 views and no reply. Anybody there? Please help.
  10. Ilango

    Lambretta wheel rim PCD and ID

    Dear Folks,Has someone measured the rim PCD and the ID of the 2.10 - 10 rim that fits a Lambretta.My vernier reads 224mm centre - centre between the diagonally located bolts in the brake drum and 200 mm across the landing area where the rim rests on the drum.Please correct me if the above measurements are wrong. Image source: http://www.lambretta-teile.de/ -Ilango
  11. Hi Tycoon, ich bin auf diesen Tachometer & Drehzahlmesser interessiert. PN gesendet. Viele Grüße, Ilango
  12. Ilango

    Welche RAL Farbe hat SIL Lambretta ?

    If you are not in a mood to open up the flywheel and swap a stator plate, you can very well use a 4 pin RR unit of any Honda scooter. Use the brown wire from the generator to feed power to the RR unit. The output from RR unit goes to the battery. Are you running the blinkers with an AC flasher at the moment? I have my Vijai Super with full DC setup which includes the headlamp as well powered from the battery.
  13. Hi, A brown wire from the junction box carries 12V AC from the Stator - Rear Junction box - Front junction box - Ignition switch. In all the above cases if the horn works, then there is no problem with the Stator and Rear Junction box. At position 3, use a multimeter or a test lamp to check if you get 12V at the orange wire from the ignition switch. If you don't, then the switch is the problem. Try a few liberal shots of WD40 into the key hole and twist the key through all positions and check for contact again. With a small piece of wire try to connect the brown wire & orange wire at the junction box terminals. If the bulb & the horn/dipper switch is good, the headlight should glow. If you doubt about the horn dipper switch, pull out the orange wire from the ignition switch and touch the bullet terminal on the terminals of the bulb. All the above tests assume that there is proper grounding available for the headlight.
  14. Ilango

    Bretta Stühle, Devtour

    Hi, I would be interested in the SIP meter, Please check your inbox. -Ilango
  15. Ilango

    Neues dazu Hansis Resterampe lambretta S2 & S3

    HI, Is the battery plate available still?

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