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  1. Thanks for the advice, indeed, 1mm is the maximum I can do. With 1mm the lower ring won’t pass through the port. I have to get the cylinder milled tofit the 62mm piston, what is the preconized clearance. 7/100 is ok ?
  2. Hi, Is it worth it to increase timings ? On the original cylinder the exhaust port isn't fully opened so I wonder if I could use a spacer and update the exhaust port. I have 118/148 without gasket 122°/151° with 1mm gasket When using a 2,5mm gasket the bottom of the exhaust match but intake timings are to high 130°/159° Is it worth it to update it to 125/185° with a Sip road exhaust ? I plan to use a RD350 reed valve with bigger carb.
  3. Indeed, so the conversion crank would be a simple PX model full circle model ?
  4. keuk


  5. Well, Ron changed the crankshaft to use a different ignition, but this is apparently not necessary.
  6. Why do you need the change the crankshaft as the specs seem to be the same ? 15mm piston pin, 57mm stroke, bore 62mm ? only the cylinder barrel diameter seem to be different.
  7. Alright, what are the alternatives to piston change? Aftermarket cylinders available ? It looks like the cylinder stud are at the same position than on PX casings, so maybe it is possible to adapt something else ?
  8. Does any of you tried the conversion to 180cc ? Is it possible like on the 160GS ? I asked Olli too.
  9. Hi, I looked closer at the BGM exhaust, the pipe goes from Ø26 at the exit of the cylinder up to Ø40 at the entry of the body . On the SIP road I have Ø28 / Ø36. (inner diameters) I hesitate to mount the BGM on my polini evo on which my cylinder outlet is a little over Ø28. An opinion ?
  10. Hi, I'm about to buy a 160GT and something intrigues me. Are there different versions of the front panel? I have the impression that there are narrow models and normal models as on Europeans models. For example on the 160 in the middle, a 1st serie then, the front panel look narrow compared to the two others. Optical illusion ?
  11. @wheelspin, what is the difference between the BGM PRO BANANE TOURING and the BGM PRO BANANE RACE?
  12. keuk

    ET3 130

    Dope! Danke !

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