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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a PV/v50 fork with suspension arm and 4 screws system. With shipping to France. Greetings Antoine
  2. Discacciati 76mm caliper. Brand new, unused. 90€ free shipping from France. Adaptation fro Heizer on a 82mm caliper carrier:
  3. The Scooter Center Saigon version. Stiff tail. Nice emblem.
  4. I'm not sure about the opening side of LaVespaDue, it looks the same according to me. Here are few pics of the Mauro Pascoli model by the way. Looks very close from the original.
  5. You have an eye for details ! There is also a title difference. One with belt, but both picture gallery show a belt 😅. What about Mauro Pascoli’s repros? Is the quality worth the price compared to the ones from LaVespaDue ?
  6. Any one knows the differences between those two references in LaVespaDue ?
  7. Anyone bought the Mauro Pascoli version ? Looks very well made.
  8. The one from LVDUE looks a way better, and closer from the SCK model: https://www.lavespadue.it/fr/accessoires-pieces-de-rechange-pour-vespa-ape/pieces-de-cadre/tole/boucliers-complets/bouclier-repose-pied-complet-pour-vespa-50-ss-90-ss-v5ass1t-v9ass1t-super-sprint.3.25.1101.gp.14110.uw SCK: LVD EBAY
  9. Not really. They plan to restock soon as they say on the website so I didn’t, even though it’s been a while now :-). I could but your alternative seems a good deal !
  10. Hi there, Any informations about the availability for the legshield ? I'm waiting for months to go ahead on the project.
  11. It works well and smooth but it's too noisy for me, I changed for the original carb with intake in the frame.
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