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  1. Hi, I looked closer at the BGM exhaust, the pipe goes from Ø26 at the exit of the cylinder up to Ø40 at the entry of the body . On the SIP road I have Ø28 / Ø36. (inner diameters) I hesitate to mount the BGM on my polini evo on which my cylinder outlet is a little over Ø28. An opinion ?
  2. Hi, I'm about to buy a 160GT and something intrigues me. Are there different versions of the front panel? I have the impression that there are narrow models and normal models as on Europeans models. For example on the 160 in the middle, a 1st serie then, the front panel look narrow compared to the two others. Optical illusion ?
  3. @wheelspin, what is the difference between the BGM PRO BANANE TOURING and the BGM PRO BANANE RACE?
  4. keuk

    ET3 130

    Dope! Danke !
  5. keuk

    ET3 130

    Befindet sich die Xyger-Platte für die PK XL2-Kupplung noch? Es gibt das Modell DRT bei 10pollicci, aber mit den Versandkosten kostet es ein Vermögen.
  6. keuk

    ET3 130

    Have you ever tried the BGM PRO sport ? https://blog.scooter-center.com/fr/pot-dechappement-banane-de-malossi-pour-vespa-pv125-et3/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=MEHR+LESEN&utm_campaign=newsletter-classic-de I wonder if the inner tube at the cylinder exist is bigger than the Sip road.
  7. keuk

    ET3 130

    Thanks for the advices, I will work on this points.
  8. keuk

    ET3 130

    The spark looks great, but the floor of the scoot is really greasy. I can try something, but when throtling at max during big distances the behaviour was ok. I can test few points less. I will also test the mono reeds in the manifold. And in a second step, I'll try a bigger carb to see the difference, I have a Koso28 with a 28mm intake.
  9. keuk

    ET3 130

    I haven't modified the wideness of the exhaust, original shape what like this, and already 70% I will control the timings to see, for the squich I have 1,1mm. I would like to keep a 19mm for a good fuel consumption, it was around 4,3L/100km this week end,with a lot of 3/4 gear in backcountry. I could test a PHB19 or remove the Polini airfilter and put a bigger mainjet. I have added the curves to compare with the original engine.
  10. Hi, Here is my ET3 130 project, which has now only the stickers from an ET3. It works well on the road but there is still room for improvment, I hope you can help me. The main idea is to keep and original look/noise. So a banana style exhaust is what I would like to keep. On the road to the Rallye des Gones. I have the following setup: Polini Evo original timings, only bigger transfert ports, exhaust fitted to SIP road diameter Casing machined, from an old racer engine Polini intake manifold with SHB19 with polini airfilter Mazzu crankshaft PK 12v ignition with lightened PK flywheel (serie pro I guess ?), 17° Ratio 2,76 4th short BGM 48 teeth 3.5 tires I did a rotronic test last week end and get this before the hard disk crashed: 10,7 hp at 6700rpm 12,3 N.m (1,254M.kg) at 5814rpm (only the last one is good, we forgot to calculate the losses related to the gearbox on the others). There is a second peak after 8000 so I wonder if I could do something to optimise it. On an standard engine Sip did this dyno: 7,7hp / 5612rpm 10,5N.m / 3640rpm Is there any informations / threads / dynos with the sip road exhaust ? Thanks for your advices. Greetings from France Antoine
  11. Now I understand why it was sliping on 4th at 12000rpm
  12. keuk

    Hartz4 Kupplungsspinne für FAIO/DRT NW

    Still looking for this part. Thank you.

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