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  1. New sponsor on this edition, LIZTOR RACING. LIZTOR RACING PARTS
  2. FALC Auspuff

    Ich suche einen Auspuff FALC GP 014 015 oder 016. Danke.
  3. Thank you, I will try this. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Hi, I have a 13° grad PVL for a racing scooter, what is the classic setup to use ? How much degres at 3500/4000 for example ? I have a Wforce58x54 with 127/193 timings. Thank your very much. Antoine
  5. Hi Lenki, What upper plate did you mount ? Do you have an offset of the center hole ? About the 1mm clearance, the largeness in the aria where you mount the shock should be the same than on the original piaggio. You can use a spacer to correct this. You can make your own or buy one from sip or sck, I think I saw this part, I have to check.
  6. Hello, Could someone give me the dimensions of the speedo gear in a LML hub ? Internal / external diameter & lenght. Thank you very much.
  7. Floor plate 1,5mm galvanised steel 2 models available, PK or PV. 37€ shipping included
  8. PKXL2 / HP clutch cover

    If someone has one in stock it interest me. Thank you Antoine
  9. Here are the curves from the Polini website: Curves fall between 8 / 9000 depending on the curves compared to the PVL with digitronic which curves fall at 7000.
  10. Hi, What is in theory the best thing to do when setting up the variable ignition ? dealing with the kick at 6/7000 or looking at the power pic arround 9/10000 ? I made an excel with the different ignition possibilities to try to understand. PVL 13° Ref 1443 PVL 22° Ref 1077 PVL 3° Ref 1442 + Malossi Digitronic Vespatronic I played with the offsets corresponding to the stator position on the casing, to bring the curves closer to be able to compare them.
  11. LTH-Race (formerly known as Run & Race)

    Thank you for this nice week end ! Lulu, Romain "Baguette" and I, had a lot of fun with you guys. Keep rocking !
  12. Thinking to the way to shorten the inlet of my W-force I found a YZ 250 inlet on google with the fixing holes very similar to the original one. + It has a small curve to get closer to the side panel. Has anyone tried it or something similar ?
  13. Fork ZIP SP 1st series

    Short model ( 2cm shorter on the lower part ), comes from ZIP before 1999. RARE Available at Magnycours for the endurance. 120€
  14. CNC caliper mount for PK / PX Allows to fit Stage6, BGM, ADELIN 4 pistons calipers. Aluminium 7075, Screws, shims, spacers included 205€ shipping included to Germany.