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  1. On the SHBC20L you can use the original airfilter for sure.
  2. On the SHBC19E you can use the original or a ramair/marshall. On the SHBC19 polini airbox or ramair/marshall like on the pictures above.
  3. Thanks @Tim Ey, but what is the idea ? Make the same with CNC ?
  4. That's something I have in mind too, but I wasn't sure of the room available for a carburetor with a bigger body. The CP is really small compared to the VHST or PHBG. Further more you have to consider a clearance with the cylinder cover to avoid the wear of the carburetor's tank. But I'll sleep on it ad have a look. Another system that could be used in both directions:
  5. Nice ! Looking forward to seeing it in the frame. With a VHST it fits well too:
  6. PA12 45€ + 9,5€ shipping new printing technology for a compact printing, oil and fuel resistant. Or casted aluminium 80€ + 9,5€ shipping
  7. @moho It fits on the SHBC20L but you will have to slightly modify the venturi up to 20mm. If you are interested you can mp me, I have a few to ship this afternoon.
  8. Hi, This is a 3mm mandrel, the proxxon are smaller, right ? Regards Antoine
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