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  1. New 62mm piston received, back to the 128° for intake About the timings. Do you have this machining mark in the transfert port ? If I use the line of the red arrow, I have 120/150 with a 0,5mm gasket. As the machining mark is not that deep I wonder if the 120 are really accurate. As Alex suggest, I will increase the exhaust height to reach 160° to increase the blowdown, do I enlarge the flange to 62% instead of 50% too?
  2. I got it ! Thanks that is clear. By the way, my guy has updated the corebox and the pattern and should be ready to launch new models of the manifold on saturday .
  3. What is the recommended squich on the 160GT ? What is the 0,8mm Rüstand Alex was talking about ?
  4. Or the full kit: https://www.vespacenter.es/tienda/carburacion/carburadores-componentes/kit-carburacion-125-150-160-goma-directa-con-filtro-phbg19ds-detalle
  5. Yes they sale parts like that on the spanish websites: I made printed parts too to fit on the original manifold. But we are still struggling with the overhangs on the printing process resulting in bad surfaces
  6. This guy has probably the part: https://www.milanuncios.com/motos-clasicas/ducati-dellorto-207314789.htm Or this guy: https://www.milanuncios.com/motos-clasicas/dellorto-ub-ua-ma-me-263328703.htm By my side I think I will test another new piston, I have 142 inlet and 0,5 gasket and already at 120 for transfert port. I would like to figure put how it works first with near original diagrams before I try to improve something
  7. It's a pity to modify the original casings, furthermore you will have to change or modify the crankshaft. What about a M1X ?
  8. About the reed valve I had this in mind too, but I didn't go further than a PLA prototype.
  9. I thought I would have lowered them a little bit increasing the barrel diameter to 62. What is Rückstand ?
  10. I’m back on the original setup, 19er, to see first how the 170cc and the Sip road work. The sip road has a volume close to a px125 I guess. I have increased a little bit the inlet timing by increasing the piston squirt cut from 126 to 140 according to Bollag’s advices. And timings are 120/150. And I have grinded a little bit the original manifold to make it match perfectly with the cylinder and the yellow spacer. On the original setup I had a 84 main jet. I tried 92 100 110, but in each case the full throttle is weird, bowwww and it’s a pain to reach the maximun rev of the engine. Like if it was too lean. The rest of the power band is great . I would like to solve this before struggling to find the good atomiser/needle matching on the Vhst. Could it be the inlet timing or the exaust port too low ? Maybe the ignition ?
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