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Lambretta wheel rim PCD and ID


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Dear Folks,
Has someone measured the rim PCD and the ID of the 2.10 - 10 rim that fits a Lambretta.
My vernier reads 224mm centre - centre between the diagonally located bolts in the brake drum and 
200 mm across the landing area where the rim rests on the drum.

Please correct me if the above measurements are wrong.


Image source: http://www.lambretta-teile.de/



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16 hours ago, T5Rainer said:

Figures @ rim:


200,5mm - 201mm

Thank you very much.


15 hours ago, Crank-Hank said:

10mm Differenz ist aber schon viel

The difference is 1,5 mm. Yes but still it is a lot, because the load on the tyre would be going to the bolts instead of going to the brake drum.


Actually I am looking at adapting a locally available 2,1 - 10" rim of a Honda scooter to my Vijai Super. Hence wanted to confirm these values.

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So, with you guys confirming the dimensions I was able to prepare a drawing and got a flange piece cut in a Laser cutting machine.

Also I got the centre flange removed from a brand new 2.15x10" rim of a Honda scooter.

Will get the welding done over the weekend. Before which I have to prepare a fixture that holds and aligns the centers of both the rim and the flange while welding.


If you had been wondering what could be the white material covering the 3 holes around the splines of the brake drum, they are wasp nests. :-D


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