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  1. dear friends, dear drivers, thanks a lot for the nice Week end. It was really a great opportunity for us to run with you see you soon ciao mauro
  2. ready We' coming on friday full gas if dry...half gas and some bad words if rain.. ciaoooo
  3. First time for us . see you there ciaooo mauro
  4. Dear friends After a long we on sunday evening we arrived home I would like to thanks again the organization for the opportunity we had to be there racing with you and Mr Quattrini that come with us in liedolsheim . Unfortunately we"lost" the whole friday for a misunderstanding regarding the possibility to have a training day there . Noithing bad , we had more time to be there as turists. On saturday I met top drivers on the track and has been a real pleasure to me racing against them. Thanks also becouse we could partecipate to the endurance with the M1Arr water cooled. It's always a pleasure for me to drive a vespa with a such powerful engine . Unfortunately the vespa had only a 3 liter tank... the endurance stopped 3 minutes before 7 pm , and for me 30 meters behind the winner. Not a problem . not a Big problem, but... I prefere to see it in a positive way and be the winner in classe 1 and 2 that are the real competion we had to do for the ESC See you soon , I hope in franciacorta. ciao mauro
  5. ciao I'm still in my holiday.. so I'm a bit late and it's also always difficult for me to translate from german!!! But.. as far as I can understand the point is always the same. Here (on this site I mean) or in our forum. MODIFY,DRILL;CUT ,OPEN... And My question is :but why ? If you have a cylinder that revs at 12000 you Want more torque , if you have a cylinder with a strong torque you want rpms..NoW on the market we have a huge variety of good products, someone wants Quattrini , someone falk, and we have really many possibilities to satisfy our curiosity. What was really missing on the market now was a big bore plug and play with an exhaust sufficiently silenced that can fit whithout difficulty under an original et3 chassis. This the 200 cc quattrini . A good product with this characteristics. You have almost 3 kg of torque with a cylinder that can be used with any gear and any final transmission without problem , whit two person also , both for long trip and for nice and fast excurtions. That's it. It's a cylinder that gives you these whithout any efforts, 35 hp that you can start using at 4500. you need more? well , you have many smaller brother that you can buy , most of them with a more aggressive character . Than if you really say: I want more cc only becouse I want more power , no matter where... ok , this is the good cylinder for that. 50 hp are really close to come ciaooo mauro
  6. Yes you are right . in principle. But up to now i still hadn't seen on the market a real expansion with this solution. So before this it was only an idea. let's see what happens in the next few months... it's not a must, but you have to orient the hole in che chassis by using a tube as big as the hole is and bending it in the direction of the collector ciao Mauro
  7. @Brosi ...thanks for the link! The exhaust... I guess it will set a benchmark for the 2014 exhausts. Very silent and powerful on a wide range and fit under the et3 original chassis without any cut. The "sad" point is only that it can't be replicated without be discovered..... m
  8. I hope you enjoy this link. If i'm not wrong there isn't a topic here on this subject http://www.et3px.it/elaborazione-small-frames/nuovo-motore-200-quattrini-t1226.html ciao Mauro
  9. sorry, this is the link http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=240615919392244&set=vb.100003315121107&type=3&permPage=1
  10. I agree!! the speed is really high, over 160 !! the one in the video is the 5-speed gearbox from Faio ( ask to crimaz on et3px.it for more information) this one is my onboard during the training day. Normal DRT 4 speed gearbox ciao
  11. Hi guys, I know you all were racing in the hartzring... so you too had a nice we!!! yesterday we did our race in the fastest end prestigious truck of our championship. this is a link for the onboard that Crimaz did from his vespa. max power to your headphone! only music! Enjoy it ciao mauro
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