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  1. L&S Big Bertha Curly

    290,- including postage
  2. Pinasco VRX26/26

    Hi, Due to swap for PWK for this season, I’m selling my complete VRX26/26 setup. -used for one season on my M244 engine. Original Pinasco VRX26/26, Pinasco airbox-top, original Vespa bottom part, Polini airfilter for SI-box. It’s mine, in Norway and I’m selling here on GSF 250 Euros including shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Suche Pm40 oder Franz

    Ist Big Bertha aktuel?
  4. L&S Big Bertha Curly

    Bump :)
  5. L&S Big Bertha Curly

    320,- including postage
  6. Aprillia ESD

    Hi, Selling my E-marked Aprillia ESD that I’ve had on my Big Bertha down’n forward. Some marks, but works very good. Total length of 350mm and 45mm on bolts 85,- Euros including postage from Norway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. L&S Big Bertha Curly

    Hi, Selling my Big Bertha that I’ve used for one season on my M1LR engine. Some marks from hitting the frame and need some more paint... P: 330 290,- incl postage from Norway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. No probs Truls! Neither Felix or I could find out what happened, but Felix sorted it out for me. That said, even though it was a catastrophic failure on the primary, the casings were all good! -no sign of cracks or anything. And it was just the primary that failed. -nothing wrong on the christmastree. The incident happened when cruising calmly around 40km/h on a regular street With no stress on the engine.... PS The El Sidney was sold a year ago, now I'm running a M244 which is a totally different story... ;) -El Sidney is still in Norway though. Ø
  9. Verkaufe: Stage6 Bremssattel, SF Kingwelle

    Hi, Interest in FOX ESD. But what distance bewteen the bolts? Rgrds Ø
  10. Vespa PX200GS (T5-frame)

  11. Vespa PX200GS (T5-frame)

  12. Vespa PX200GS (T5-frame)

    2400,- including delivery
  13. Vespa PX Koffer

    Hi! Sorry, no luck... Haven’t seen any for sale in years... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk