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  1. Anyone?
  2. Svint1

    Samallframe V50

    Hi! How much in total for the complete Olympia 75ccm kit and the V50 exhaust to Norway? Rgrds Ø
  3. Hi Rita! Thanks, but that will not help me, as the Special has a slightly different frame from V50S/V90.... Need papers for V5SA1T.... Rgrds Øyvind
  4. Hi, I'm working With Norwegian "TUV" to get them to approve my 1971 V50S With a standard 90Racer engine… I have showed them the spare part catalouge that states that V5SA1T frame is the same as V9A1T, but not enough… So I was thinking of showing them that German TUV approves V5SA1T frames With larger engines, it would be a great start. Therefore, does anyone have a copy of TUV papers for V50S With large engine in it? -only engine, cannot be With disk brake, pk fork etc, as mine is Stock otherwise. Hope you can help! Best Regards Øyvind
  5. Hi! I'm working With the Norwegian Biltilsyn (similar to TUV) about getting my V50S approved With 90Racer engine… Was just wondering if any has copies of TUV Approval of V50(S) -not Special, With tuned engines? Preferably in scooters With normal drum brakes, as I'm not fitting disk brake... Any help/copies is highly appreciated! Best Regards Øyvind
  6. Svint1

    L&S Big Bertha Curly

  7. Hi, I have a M244 engine in my SS180 scooter, and it Works really great! BUT, the induction noise is quite high, so I'm considering fitting a hose from the inlet manifold on the frame to the carb (PWK28) I'm going to use a hose With id 50mm Question then is if the airflow in the frame is sufficient to feed the carb/engine? Rgrds Ø
  8. Svint1

    M1L 60 GTR Head gasket

    It is rather destroyed due to me taking it off.... And the dark stuff is the sealing I’m using... No leaks for the past three years.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Svint1

    M1L 60 GTR Head gasket

    Apperantly 0,25 is more correct... But still made of alu... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Svint1

    M1L 60 GTR Head gasket

    The old one is alu, so should work fine With another in alu...
  11. Svint1

    M1L 60 GTR Head gasket

    Nope I don't. But 0,20 would be good, or 0,25
  12. Hi! Anyone who can tell me where to find a 0,22ish mm head gasket for my Quattrini M1L 60 Cylinder? Been looking all over the interweb, but no Luck... Thanks! Rgrds Ø
  13. Svint1

    L&S Big Bertha Curly

    270,- including postage
  14. Yes, I also thought of that, but the Whole kick-Assembly came straight out of a VGLB-engine... Anyhow, we're going to try With a PX kick now...
  15. No, both rubber pieces are in Place.

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