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PX80 E Lusso "Light Switch" Parts Need Advide

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Hello Nearly Summer Everyone!


First, I am sorry that I have to write in English but as I am non-local but riding German Version PX80. I hope all you will ok. :)))


Lately, I have a problem on searching "Light Switch" for my PX. Already went to SIP & SC web catalog but I am really can not find the one that mine is using.

I have attached the picture down here below that maybe anyone can give me the link that I can take online  will be very appreciated.


Thank you and greeting from Riga!

light switch1.jpg

light switch 2.jpg

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But why do you want to change the switch. They are pretty robust and easy to repair in case of broken wires.

If you still need a different one, I’m sure there are plenty around in here...

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Hello and thank you for your reply information!


To Kneitinger: That's right, I've got it and ordered this part from your link last summer but the wire and wiring is different then my used one. I have installed to check. The horn is good but the High Beam and Low Beam  light opposite in the switch and also work in the Lusso Speedo is opposite, yes. So, I'm not sure that the wiring style is any longer in the market? : ((


To Nakkl: Yes, I want to change because of the ON and OFF switch to work not properly, some time yes and most of the time no work. Wd40, contact cleaner, blow clean with air but still not good function. But can not open, the board sea to crack. 


light switch1.jpg

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WD40 is not the right way.
I always us “Contact Cleaner” for electronics or if really dirty and/or corroded “Flux Remover” first.
Not sure if Lusso switches can be easily opened but I would give it a try if it’s broken anyway;)

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Dear friends! Finally, during free time from work I finally found. It is interesting that it goes to Vespa PK Light Switch to have same wiring as mine. I also attached picture down below for my case. Thank you all! 


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