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  1. Dear friends! Finally, during free time from work I finally found. It is interesting that it goes to Vespa PK Light Switch to have same wiring as mine. I also attached picture down below for my case. Thank you all!
  2. Hello and thank you for your reply information! To Kneitinger: That's right, I've got it and ordered this part from your link last summer but the wire and wiring is different then my used one. I have installed to check. The horn is good but the High Beam and Low Beam light opposite in the switch and also work in the Lusso Speedo is opposite, yes. So, I'm not sure that the wiring style is any longer in the market? : (( To Nakkl: Yes, I want to change because of the ON and OFF switch to work not properly, some time yes and most of the time no work. Wd40, contact cleaner, blow clean with air but still not good function. But can not open, the board sea to crack.
  3. Hello Nearly Summer Everyone! First, I am sorry that I have to write in English but as I am non-local but riding German Version PX80. I hope all you will ok. :))) Lately, I have a problem on searching "Light Switch" for my PX. Already went to SIP & SC web catalog but I am really can not find the one that mine is using. I have attached the picture down here below that maybe anyone can give me the link that I can take online will be very appreciated. Thank you and greeting from Riga!
  4. Dear Blubb34, Sorry, to write you in English but you can automatic google translate this. According to your idle speed problem. If your PX80 is 80' Bj. without any overhaul but change only piston kit plus you said have use wrong oil (I am not sure extra Ethenal or not?) in my country E10, E20 make seal shorter life. I agree the same as Kbub mentioned about there should be "air leak" somewhere especially to ride hard after kit change but not main engine seal lookup. It could come from Crankshaft seals. One is on flywheel side and another clutch side. The way to check leak is open the fly wheel and see leak directly while on the clutch side you can check by changing gear oil and see is there any gasoline mix on oil or not. My comment may not always correct but easy to try from easy to harder posibility. Good luck!
  5. Tomorrow, I will try to contact with the https://serviceportal.aachen.de/suche/-/egov-bis-search/institution/46168 and let see.
  6. Thank for your information and this is very in detail, I hope and now I understand more thing to my situation!
  7. Yes, I think, now, I found that this Vespa used to be STD-WU 18 in the Betriebserlaubnis while in the Kaufvertrag written AC-CD 59
  8. Hello and thank you everyone for comments! Lately, I am now consulting situation with Rita which I have to thank you everyone recommend her for this situation. I feel like there is the way and solution after I found this forum. According to question, I have got only the attached picture document "Betriebserlaubnis (found invalid)" and "Purchase Agreement". There is no Fahrzeugschein in the package. As, I talked with the seller 2 days ago, he still insist this document is valid and now no read and reply any text I sent him anymore (Classic Story). Tanagorn C.
  9. Dear friends, First of all, I would like to sorry that I have to write this topic in English but because I am from outside of the EU, living in Latvia and just bought Vespa from Germany! I have just got a Vespa about 2 weeks ago. Before paying, seller said complete with full documents, show the picture around and sent me engine run clip. Everything seem nice and I agree to buy and wait shipping about 1 week, arriving to Riga, Latvia. After arriving check everything what I can do eg. compare paper to chassis, read purchase agreement and inspect around. Then, I go for Vespa registration in Riga (CSDD) but the story is not so happy ending like everyone! After the document inspection, CSDD found that the document that I have Betriebserlaubnis is the cancelled one (issued in 2003) while the Germany side sent the information that there is a new Betriebserlaubnis (Dublicate one and issued in 2007) is the paper what Latvia side wants and I don't have it. Therefore, CSDD Latvia reject to register this PX80 here, if I dont have Betriebserlaubnis (Dublicate one and issued in 2007). After that I start to contact to the seller and tell about this situation and he seem to ignore and not active like before. He insist that the Betriebserlaubnis he gave me is the present one. So, now everything is stop now. I feel, he will block my contact to him soon too. I can not check anything, call or ask, as I don't know German language and living in Latvia. Thanks, Google bring me here, this forum and have read the useful story with automatic translate! I hope you members may can give me some doors that I should get for this solution. I have read many of same stories here but have some questions would like to list here if you may know the answer: 1. In my situation what is the first thing to do now? as I am outside of Germany (Document on hand only purchase agreement and invalid Betriebserlaubnis) 2. From the many same problems say that the Vespa dealer can issue new one ? I saw the one that invalid with me seem not issue by Manufacturer. I also attached on this post. 3. If I decide to run the document myself in Germany, is it worth? Is there a process that the have to inspect the Vespa? 4. What is the best way to solve this problem? Lastly, I hope that there is some way to solve my problem from all your experience. Thank you, Tanagorn
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