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  1. Dear vespa-funs. I’m looking for a vespa frame, in type of: PX, VBA, VNB, VBB with identification documents! The condition of the frame is not significant, only important point: the Numbers on thé chasse..... The Hungarian regulations are vert strict, so before the price negotiations please send me some pictures for the chasse numbers and the documentations. Many thanks. Szasza
  2. Hello, is there image where is open box? thx Sz
  3. Nein, das ist, was ich vorhabe, die Computerarbeit eines Freundes zu benutzen. wenn ich jemanden brauche, der es schickt
  4. i live in hungary, here tuning is enough to put a cylinder as it is, there is nothing but it gets up. a left exhaust is a miracle :) dyno padra for this reason did not come, I do not even know where this measurement is near me. DR177 was working, it was very weak at the bottom, but at 15 km / h he could know more. it will be a bit shorter inside part. it will be tested by a polini 177.a small works like sipr road
  5. there is picture open S-box, sizes can be anyone? thx Sz
  6. there was a rusty box and I did not want to throw it out,anno 2014 Sz
  7. MKII 160BE3 130, 52/140, ori LuFi, sip road I' ve never been is trouble :)
  8. Hello, help me Can the mazzu sport crankshaft be used for membrane? so far it was a rotary valve, but it was a problem with this and I was thinking of converting it. thx Szasza
  9. Hello, today was measured 124/176 if you convert transfer port 2.5mm higher, you will be 118 I would ask you how did you do that? thx Sz
  10. hello, i am looking for polini177 cylinder, tuning cylinder head, tennich, malossi, .... best regards Sz
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