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  1. I'm confuse. So what goes wrong in the 2 solution? Motorhead how is your system?
  2. hi use original gears with christmastree 20/17/14/10? maybe not possible. for exemple 44teeth in this engine is 92mm diameter. in other engine that use 22 teeth it work with 44 teeth but 97mm diameter...
  3. hi i have engine with 10-15-20-25 cluster and with 44 teeth in 4 gear. i like to know if there is 4 gear with 92mm like 44 original but shorter, like 46 teeth and same diameter? what you suggest to use in combination with big bertha? the cruciform is 50,00mm. can i use 50,2mm ? thank you
  4. hi i have pk50 with 1 cable gearbox. i want to convert in 2 cable to use in v50 chassi. there is 2 option. i like to know your experiencie https://www.scooter-center.com/en/conversion-set-pk-xl2-engine-to-2-gear-change-cables-kr-automation-vespa-v50-pv125-et3-pk-s-pk-xl-3333488 https://www.scooter-center.com/en/conversion-set-pk-xl2-engine-to-2-gear-change-cables-vsr-vespa-v50-pv125-et3-pk-s-pk-xl-7673522?number=7673522 thank you
  5. hi how parmakit w-force stays in chassi hole? needs to cut? photo? regards
  6. original is even more beautiful and more well done. congrats. i really don`t know who as the creator. price for the holly? is to put with parma wforce or qualtrini m1 l60 and crank 51/97. i would like something all around and good top performance too.... regards
  7. hello i have been searching in forum some feedback /dyno with this exhaust. any cylinder is good. thank you
  8. hello gsf dyno is not available in play store. can you give some link to download? regards
  9. gsf dyno is not available in play store!!! where i can do download? regards
  10. Hello Combo in my gs150 : spring sto 190mm + sip shock 100psi. Conclusion: like a rock, not driveble in bad street. The spring is compressed 10mm(in photo) so i order spring gl 180mm sto I update soon
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