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  1. congrats :) with big brothers exhaust like sip xl and bigbox sport what will be the resolt? or the bbt and lth box is the best option? regards
  2. Hello,

    is the side panel from the VB1 current?


  3. TS1 Kolben Alternativen

  4. GS150 Cylinder Porting

    hi monello thank you for your reply for exemple In pinasco 160 we can see that transfer have orientacion more boad. In gs150 have guidance all to rear hall cylinder. i think (but i can be wrong) that with exhaust with more evolution we can have transfer with more broad dispersion off misture and exhaust window more with. regards
  5. Verkauft, kann zu!

    Pn send
  6. hi I was analysing cylinder from gs150 and making portmap and some questions emerged. i hope you can help 1 - the transfer opening Versus bottom cylinder opening is off center. Can i center it ... for exemplo the way you see in image? 2- the transfer channel is obstructed by the cylinder hall. Can i open it ( +- 7mm )? is good increase in time- area and leaves the mixture flow free... in teoric... maybe is another reason for this exist? 3 - can i increase inlet width to center it? the inley is allready big... regards eduardo
  7. send me best price for cnc head regards
  8. Hi ralph I see battery that suits in vs5t tray. But only have 2.1ah. My question is do i need more power? The wiring loom in gs3 is the same as vs5t? Thank you
  9. Wer hat welche Leistung? Nun auch hier

    hi what would be the best piston to use in original cylinder? or
  10. hi my is gs150 vs5t. exist batery 12v for original tray (long and straight). i need batery to work? is no need to add any wiring to original wiring loom? thank you ralph
  11. Wer hat welche Leistung? Nun auch hier

    Thank you i allready have crank 60/107 and dellorto vhsb 34, that in first time was for another combo. now i see the option piston mitaka 70mm in cylinder sx200 with porting with good eyes. my question is the carburator. 34mm is too big? i read that in piston ported engine big carburator is good thing...
  12. hi ralph you are right, i think i don`t see your squeme with atention...sorry where i can buy the relay with your specifications? i need to use batery? is 12v or 6v? thank you
  13. ralph you are genius but i don`t have original rectifier or condensator. So i would like something (electric wiring) to use with VT hardware and original ignition key that is possible?