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a set up for malossi 210

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I'm sorry I can not speak German


I got many information about this site but it did not ..


It is sure that it is a boring question to you .. sorry.



Now I tried to tune up my Px200E and it is the first time to handle 200engine.

I am aiming for just good driving daily in the city. Could say tourer?

I have a thought.


1. No open a port on the case. I can not open and hope to remain original.


2. 2016 210 malossi MHR with the malossi head




3. SI 26 by SIP with oil pump with 128 main jet




4. 60mm long strock crankshaft SIP performance - Is it fine using long stroke for my set up? If not,  I have the 57mm racing crankshaft -MAZZUCCHELLI, Isnt it fine for? (https://www.scooter-center.com/en/crankshaft-mazzucchelli-racing-rotary-valve-57mm-stroke-vespa-px200-1620004)






5. BGM big box or Sip road 2.0


6.NGK b9es


7. 37teeths 3rd gear for city driving and short 4th gear.


8. If SIP ignition kit is needed. it should be too.



Thats it.

What about it?

There is no expert at tuning px200 here I live.. Noone has a answer for it.

Thanks for reading.




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For "good daily driving in the city" I would recommend to go with the Malossi 210 Sport instead of the MHR. If you really consider to swap the crankshaft for a long stroke version (requiring opening up of the engine housing), then the reshaping of the ports should be a breeze and worthwhile doing.


Where are you located and what is the condition of your engine (mileage)?

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vor 2 Stunden hat xsivelife folgendes von sich gegeben:

For "good daily driving in the city" I would recommend to go with the Malossi 210 Sport instead of the MHR. If you really consider to swap the crankshaft for a long stroke version, then the reshaping of the ports should be a breeze and worthwhile doing.


Where are you located and what is the condition of your engine (mileage)?


Thanks for your reply.

I live in Korea. and its condition is.. now just fully seperated. it is imported from Hongkong that px200 never sold in Korea.


Is the malossi 210 sport without porting with Si26 128main jet still fine? I worry that sticking the piston and cylinder.


Or If porting should be needed, I can find a shop to do, Then 221 with the long crank could be an option for me..


Is it too fast or moves like a racing scooter the 221 malossi with long crank on the ported engine? It is really hard find someone did it here.

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Considering that it's "just" a spriteful, reliable city-/touring engine you want then there is a lot you can achieve with comparably little by means of money and effort today.


The aforementioned Malossi Sport with a SIP Road and an overjetted original carb to match has been tried and tested exhaustively by now, and it's become the closest thing to a standard for many aiming for your goals. This should give you roughly 20bhp of very zestful pleasure (regarding both agile and stable roadholding), compared to standard.


There's plenty you can do to tweak this at a later stage, at according cost and effort, but this should be a very good starting point for most anybody in your position.


It looks you have an interest in designing your own engine, however, and even though I'd still recommend the above solution for now, here is some recommended, valuable, literature that will explain the details behind long-stroke vs. short-stroke and all the rest:


1.) John Robinson: Motorcycle Tuning Two Stroke (2nd Edition)


2.) Paul Dempsey: Two Stroke Engine Repair and Maintance


3.) A. Graham Bell: Two-Stroke Performance Tuning.


Good luck, and respect for your struggle in Hongkong!



Tune Up -> Turn On -> Drop Out!























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Korea, Reusendrescher, Korea! Hongkong is where his Vespa was sold originally ...


"...its condition is.. now just fully seperated." Can you explain that a bit for us? What exactly is separated?


Well Seanji, for having a nicely driveable and reliable motor in your scooter the Malossi Sport cylinder kit plus adapted re-jetting of your SI24 carb will do as a starting point. It's not going to be a "race type scooter", but still way more fun to drive than in original condition.


A better clutch system would also be quite beneficial towards longevity and fun during operation (better driveability and clutch engagement characteristics).


More stroke delivers also potentially more torque, and that is what you really want. Going from 57 to 60 mm stroke is clearly an improvement, but may be step #2. Playing around with different scavenging timing settings of your cylinder (adding some 1,5 mm of gaskets at top and/or bottom side of your cylinder to compensate for the additional 2*1,5 mm stroke) strongly influences the characteristics of your setup.


Bigger carb, different exhaust and ignition system are the next potential steps in your "PX tuning career" :-D

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