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  1. Bitte pm mit name und addresse. Stein
  2. Noch zu haben. Verkaufe schlitzrohre Ulma 202 für SS180. Guter passform und zustand. Eine stunde arbeit und polierung und die rohre sind prima. Bitte siehe bildern. 250 euros. Versand von Oslo, Norwegen.
  3. Stein

    GS/SS, Ulma, etc. (Update 30.1.)

    Pn jags.
  4. Stein

    Polini 221ccm für Vespa PX200

    Thanks! Thats very good info to have. Stein
  5. Stein

    Polini 221ccm für Vespa PX200

    Thanks for the input on durations and porting. And the link to the gearing kit! Stein
  6. Stein

    Polini 221ccm für Vespa PX200

    Thanks for the input! The link in your post seems to lead to something else than gearing..? A friend of mine will take care of the porting. He is better than me when it comes to those things. What port timings will be correct for the S&S exhaust, do you think? Thanks, Stein
  7. Stein

    Polini 221ccm für Vespa PX200

    Seeking advice before converting from old Malossi 210 to Polini 221. Have S&S 62,5mm crank, casings optimised for this crank and Malossi 210. S&S reed inlet. 28mm keihin. Also have available 33mm keihin. Think 28mm is the better to use? Standard Lusso 200 gearing with T5 fourth gear. S&S silent exhaust for Malossi 210. I will optimise casings for Polini 221 cylinder and use a GS piston. Seeking advice on what gaskets to use on top/bottom of cylinder (someone told me a thicker than standard gasket on top is not possible on this kit??) with this setup with 62,5mm crank. Also seeking advice on gearing. I have a cosa style clutch so since the Worb5 ultra long gearing is quite expensive, I am thinking of using a 24t clutch center and 65 or 64t primary gear. Any thoughts about this? Thanks in advance for any input from anyone who have experience with this! Regards from Norway, Stein
  8. Stein

    Polini 221 alu mit GS kolbe

    Suche brauchbaren Polini 221 alu cylinder mit GS kolben. Grusse Stein
  9. Hallo! Ich habe ein MISA GS 160 series 1 und soll das Vespa GS beinschildemblem aus Maskes montieren. Kann jemand mir mit das korrekte plasieurung hilfen? Vielen dank und grusse aus Norwegen!
  10. Folks, time to make your booking so you don't miss out! Maximum 200 participants. Book here: https://www.classicscooterrun.no/2018/no/pamelding/
  11. Stein

    Das GS160 & SS180 Topic

    Hi! Do anyone know where I can get floorboard rubber for GS 160 that really fits and looks like original? All I have bought, ariete or others, are of wrong shape.. Thank you! Stein
  12. Due to another big event taking place in the same area the same weekend, for those of you who are not up to sleeping in a tent, hotel room has to be booked at the soonest before every room is taken. Heres a list of hotels close by: -Soria Moria Hotel -Voksenaasen -Scandic Olympiatoppen Sportshotel -Lysebu -Trollvasshytta And then two that is about 5 kms away: Gaustad Hotel and Smestad Hotel. And could be worth checking out Airbnb as well. Greetings from Oslo, Norway Stein Overland
  13. Ok folks, first band now confirmed. They played for us more than 10 years ago, now they are up for it again. If you like The Sonics, you will love to see and hear S T R Y C H N I N E Here's some teasers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp1XfBu27Y0 https://www.facebook.com/StrychnineSonicsTribute/
  14. Finally, the annual Classic Scooter Run in Norway is back in Oslo 1.-3. June 2018 !!! Prepare for a smaller run than you are used to, but we offer you as always live bands, djs, bar and grill with sensible prices, dyno, ride outs and and and.. Camping on site, and hotel rooms nearby available. Heres the webpage: http://www.classicscooterrun.no/2018/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1953328151583445/ Heres some teasers from previous years: https://www.facebook.com/events/106793586143171/permalink/194069290748933/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi470hwIv5w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGHITeVawJY Enter your email at http://www.classicscooterrun.no/2018/ for info about booking etc. Welcome to Oslo!

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