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  1. Suche Lambretta Chopper oder lambretta Cutdown, mit oder ohne motor aber muss papier haben, zustand egal - bitte PM schicken
  2. Tonight Big Dave Hampson will be spinning some fine tunes for u all
  3. Copied from Zak Cuerden's post: So my Dad Simon has just passed away, peacefully and without pain, after suffering a stroke on Thursday night. I know that many of you cared about him deeply. He had such a huge impact on everyone that he came in contact with, that I do not think I am exaggerating by saying that his death will affect thousands of people and this place has been left with a hole that we all will struggle to fill. However, in his final act on this earth my dad has given both of his kidneys and his liver to try and save three lives. I do not know who these luck three are, but I hope one day they will know that The Simon Cuerden saved their lives. He was not one for letting tragedy dictate his life, therefore I ask that you all do the same and celebrate his life, rather than morn his death. My dad was many things; he was a soldier, he was a scooterist, he was a Northern Soul dancer, he was a friend. But I will always remember him as, my mums (Carol) husband and my Dad. I ask that you please do not message me or my mum for a while to give us some time to relax after what has been an incredibly stressful couple of days. Instead I ask that you share this and comment your favourite memory or my dad, I will enjoy reading stories about that hilarious, smart, kind and loving man. Rest in peace Dad, I will always love and remember you.
  4. 30 Years of Cloud 9 Scooter Club, Paderborn
  5. Maik boahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Suche Springergabel bitte kontaht per PM
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