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  2. due to the sand in that region, it seems that it is very important to have a good air filter....
  3. http://chronolux.net/classements/2014/AUTRES/SCOOTENTOLE/RESULTS/index.htm
  4. hi guys! just to tell you that the campsite at the back will be closed this year.... but here it is the map of the new campsite "bis" :
  5. hi guys I would like to know which main jet do you use on the PWK28 with M1-60? I have read 140 but it seems to me a lot....
  6. All the timing are there : http://scootentole.org/CS/CS13MagnyCours/Resultats/ Once again thanks for coming !
  7. looks like a T5 with a PX200 engine.... many other pictures here: https://picasaweb.google.com/114429624287842961032/2012051224HZuera?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  8. with a totaly stock TX200 (9-10ps and no disc brake) ....
  9. Gerhard I have not seen in your posts the zeeltronic stuff.... one italian guy is testing it currently with vespatronic: http://lnx.et3.it/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=57175&p=793227&hilit=anticipo+programmabile#p793227
  10. I have not, sorry and I know how do you feel because I have also lost my wedding ring while I was driving my scooter....without gloves... did you look into your gloves ?
  11. yes it was a bad and stupid crash..... ps: if someone has lost a hooded black jacket in the tent for the breakfast ....I have it so PM me !
  12. here she is .... thanks to you for coming in our nice country
  13. If you have a dmv licence think to take it to drive today or tomorrow
  14. first pilot is arrived ..... I guess it 's Tim ....
  15. as usual if you bring on spot a tv and a small antenna, you will be able to see the timings on channel 69
  16. it means :"you are not allowed to register.... you are too fast !" are you sure you used the same email that the one on ESC website ?
  17. thanks Marco, here they are the pictures: indeed it seems to be a spanish motovespa 150s MK1 ....
  18. the Michel Lemarié pictures are ready ! lots more on his website : http://www.michel-lemarie.fr/galeriereportage.html
  19. ok thanks for the info.... and sorry for the "off topic"
  20. Was that race on Pannonia-Ring ? I think the name of this race was Gyork 94' Some french guys and of course #31 were already there
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