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11th Endurance Challenge Scootentole - The 10 hours of MagnyCours - 5/6th October 2019


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Auch das Blitz Mob Racing Team sagt Danke. Geile Veranstaltung trotz nicht ganz idealem Wetter cool zu fahren. Platz 1 in der SP3, perfekt gelaufen mit tollem Team. Gesendet von meinem SM-A405FN mi

Scootentole presents the 11th Endurance Challenge Scootentole: The 10 hours of MagnyCours (Club track) !! Date for 2019 is October 5/6th !           The race tim

Auch G16 Racing sagt Dankeschön für die Klasse Veranstaltung und ebenso ein dickes Dankeschön an Albert für die Hilfe        

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Hello Kty, 

thanks for  you and the whole team for the organisation of this great event! It was the 8th time we participated. Though we lost the P1 in LP2 in the last 40 minutes because of a piston seizure we had a great time in the rain....already started to make plans for 2020...





PS: what happened to  #99 Scootopia ? Did they disapear in Mylaps ? 


2019-10-06 20.40.52.png


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Cambio di scooter       50 giri


DISQ   5   NOBLOX RG By BURZOCK (50 T)   LP1211   10:01:58.041   DISQ   1:41.361   88,792



Wofür gab es eigentlich eine Strafrunde? Im Regelwerk sehe ich das nicht.

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Gruß auf der Autobahn
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2 hours ago, alfonso said:

Weiß eigentlich jemand warum NOBLOX Racing disqualifiziert wurde?


They changed for the spare scooter, then decided to use back the original scooter which was fixed.

The first change is 50 laps penalty. The second change is not allowed: race direction agreed that they could continue, but not ranked.

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12 hours ago, kummi said:

PS: what happened to  #99 Scootopia ? Did they disapear in Mylaps ? 


2019-10-06 20.40.52.png



#99 is ranked properly: http://chronolux.net/classements/2019/MAGNY COURS/10 h - endurance - final.html


Reason they did not show up on MyLaps is that they ran out of fuel in the last lap..... Thanks to Authentik's Lambretta who taxied them, they managed to reach the beginning of the pit lane; There they were told (as written in the reglement) that if you cross the line 5 minutes after the winner, you'll be ranked ! They pushed the scooter to the line and manage to hold on 5th place overall, unfortunately loosing P1 in LP2.

MyLaps was last updated just before and that's why you could not see them.

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