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  1. Puller

    25 drt cutch gear

    Hi all, Im searching for the 25 teeth drt clutch gear for 62 primary. anyone who is interested in selling one please contact me. regards.
  2. Puller

    Drt z25 clutch gear cog

    Hello im searching for z25 drt clutch gear cog for z62 drt primary drive. let me know . best regards.
  3. Puller

    SIP Performance 2.0

  4. Puller

    sip performance 2.0

    Hi guys, here's my curve, that matches pretty much with master p's one. Start making power at 4000rpms (there's kmh on the rpm line) peaks out at 28hp with a massive power spread, a good overrev and impressive vorreso: 16hp! here's the video on the dyno, where you find the configuration. timing 184/130
  5. Puller

    Quattrini M232/M244 für Largeframes

    There you won't find anything regarding inlet timing, but on the kit description he goes like this: "Gruppo Termico M232 (raffreddato ad aria) Gruppo termico Quattrini M232, in lega di alluminio nikasil, 232cc, corsa 57mm, alesaggio 72mm, pistone da 227g a due fasce. Per aspirazione a valvola rotante. Testa in alluminio a forma radiale. Per il montaggio occorre raccordare i travasi del carter per una profondità di 7mm. Non occorre lavorare la luce di aspirazione." the last line means that to rework the valve is not necessary because the kit has been set and tested on the inlet timing of the crankshaft. For what i know he intended this kit to be fitted plug & play (given that to match the transfers is mandatory).
  6. Puller

    sip performance 2.0

    HI all, SIp performance 1.0 vs JL RZ 1.0 = Sip performance 2.0 vs JL RZ 2.0?? I remember the JLRZ having more peak power and top speed (something like 1hp and 500rpms more) than the Sip performance LH and also better midrange acceleration. Will the comparison between the 2 new versions be the same? Anyone who could make a comparison? Let me know! Also in german as long as it makes some sense in google translator
  7. Puller

    Malossi - MHR 2 - 221 ccm - 1 Ringversion

    Here's my dyno graph for those who are interested, don't pay attention to the peakyness of the curve, when i took this my gearing was way too short: 23/65 with cluster road and Z36 fourth which explains why the peak comes so early in the rev range. Anyway 26,32 hp is a good result. At the time i took this test i was running the "old" MHR cylinder kit with a longstroke 60mm flowed crankshaft (worb) and 1,5mm head gasket with the SIP head for Malossi stroke 57. All the rest same as i listed above (carb, reeds etc..). Given that the port timing of the new and the old cylinder are the same i think this test can be considered quite relevant for future comparisons. I haven't dynoed my 1 Ring version yet.
  8. Puller

    Malossi - MHR 2 - 221 ccm - 1 Ringversion

    oops sorry i see you have a mikuni not a keihin, my mistake.
  9. Puller

    Malossi - MHR 2 - 221 ccm - 1 Ringversion

    Hi i also have the new Malossi 221 1 ring version. Like Vespafreak (i google translated what you wrote) i found it much more powerful than my previous Malossi worb 5. I run it with PWk 35 S&S kit vforce 4, JL RZ. 23/65 with DRT cluster "road" and Ky-tronik (curve nr 8: 24-12). Squish 1,34. A true beast, amazing accleration throu the whole rev range. A street racer with touring capability when needed. @Vespafreak and the others: how did you jet your PWK? I have 50 idle, BGN 1st slot, 155 main. Slide 6. The idle is a bit too rich though, wouldnt like to lower it too much 'cause i'm afraid of seizing on throttle release. Does the Scorpion rev higher than JL RZ? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, keep testing the kit... i put aside the drt reed valve system crankcases and swopped back to the valve block, matched the ports and fitted the Malossi sport: it pulls the standard gearbox very well now, the ratio seems even a little too short, thinking of a 24 teeth gear cog... ....by the way.. what would be for you the best longstroke 60mm crank in combo with this cylinder to increase the top speed? (now with the standard piaggio crank tops 110gps) My idea is to build a powerful tourer and cruise at 105-110 and reach 130 top speed. Will i have to enlarge the valve or the longstronke crank will be enough? Any suggestion would be much appreciated. thanks.
  11. Hi Nick, yes it's me, but the drt reed valve system seems not to be working well, i was pulling it better with the valve... I'll try to put it at 19 then although my pipe is not an original sip road is a megadella, a piaggio modified by an italian tuner, a bit revvyer than a sip road..what do you suggest about the gasket packing with a stroke 57? What squish? My SI carb set up: 50/120 idle jet, be3-200-160 ps: Nice avatar!
  12. Hi everyone, i took a little road test and i can't pull the fourth! i tryed 2 different set ups: 1) with the malossi standard base gasket and 0.5mm head gasket 2) with Malossi 0.5mm base gasket and no head gasket. Squish approx 1.3mm for both set ups. Malossi htsr head.Timing on IT, 18 degrees. Any good suggestion to pull the fourth gear of this cylinder with a SI 26 and a sip road? Danke!
  13. Thanks for your answer, the inlet was due to the fact that the valve was broken and that seemed to be a good solution since the crankcases were fixed/welded at DRT so they did all the milling. If the racing soul won't be so big is not a problem, i'm ok with something a little more revvy than a standard Polini 208 but still good for touring.. i was searching for a balanced compromise...i'll keep you posted as soon as i'll assemble it. Thanks for now.
  14. Hi all, by browsing the net in search for some road test of the new Malossi sport 2013 cylinder kit, i ended up on this topic...but since i dont speak german i couldn't make much sense out of it so i signed in exclusively to ask some infos about the above mentioned kit. I run a PX with DRT 3 petals reed valve kit for SI 24 (bored out to 26) worb5 special lip flowed crankshaft 57 and sip road. 23/65 with short fourth (36teeth), matched crankcase ports for Malossi. The idea is to build a revvy bike that is also good for touring and vice versa a touring bike with a racing soul. Do you think this kit is ok for my purposes? What will i get in terms of torque and top speed? Will i pull the fourth like a train? Many thanks in advance to anyone who will answer. Edit: Is there any chance to pull the standard 35teeth fourth with my set up?

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