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  1. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    Ok, cool thanks! Btw, I talked to plc about the issue and he told me the gearbox is 1mm thicker. But the clutch can have 1mm milled off. He also proposed to do the milling for free, if I paid the shipping. Nice guy! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  2. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    Hello guys. Sorry for writing in english but my german is poor. Anyway, im building my first vespa engine so i might be doing something wrong. But i cant fit the clutch. Trying to fit the plc corse clutch in the drt denis mustang gearbox. Have any of you tried that combo? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    That gives me a great starting point! Thanks!
  4. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    Nice! How did you jet the carburetor?
  5. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    Sounds great. Never seen a real review. Just the news when it hit the market and specs. Thanks! Any one else?
  6. Quattrini 200 cc smallframe

    Hello every one. Sorry for spreaking english, but I don't know german. I'm thinking about buying a zirri-made M200, just original spec. For Everyday use. Do you know anything about reliabillity, service intervalls or stuff to watch out for? Or is it just as good as it seems? ( tried going through the pages with google translate, but didn't become much wiser.) Thanks!
  7. DL150

    Here's another of mine. A fake GP200 Mugello 186, semi-hydraulic brake, soulsnake exhaust and more from
  8. Hallo Jungs! Ich spreche kein Deutsch, also bin ich dabei ein wenig Google übersetzen hier. Ich habe immer genossen Ihre Website hier, so dass ich dachte, ich würde mit einem Bild von einem meiner eigenen Roller beitragen. Es ist eine Lambretta TV175 von 1963. Motor bleibt unberührt. Die scoopes auf beiden Seiten sind nur für aussieht. Brake, Dämpfer und Auspuff ist aus ------------------------------------- Hi guys! I don't speak german, so I'm doing a bit of Google translating here. I always enjoyed your site here, so I thought I'd contribute with a picture of one of my own scooters. It's a Lambretta TV175 from 1963. Engine is untouched. The scoopes on both sides are just for looks. Brake, dampers and exhaust is from