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  1. Hello I have a question about vespa gs4 mk1 and SS180. On different carburetor si27 / 23 I always have the same SLIDE THROTTLE (Gasschieber) reference 5963-2 but I see that there are 3 different THROTTLE SLIDE (Gasschieber) for si27 / 23: 5963-1 / 5963-2 / 5963-3 Can someone confirm to me how was equipped with SLIDE THROTTLE (Gasschieber) of gs4 mk1 and ss 180? Danke
  2. Hallo Suche vespa gs3 /t2/t3 Kotfluegel ohne Sicke ( Italian vs1/vs4) Front fender / mudguard for vespa gs150 VS1/VS4 - T2/T3
  3. new flywheel en vs5 and new flywheel fan but not at the same number, the new flywheel fan came later
  4. what is your engine number? because piaggio did not modify the flywheel and the flywheel fan in the same time
  5. new flywheel and new flywheel fan at the end of production of vs5 (new flywheel fan with the letter Z)
  6. On my gs3 type 112 i have 2 hole but i don't know for what they are... i saw this 2 holes for messerschmitt, but never for gs3. an idea? thank you
  7. hi i have one gs3 with engine vs5. i have rebuild the engine with new piston main jet 105 needle postion 2 ignition to 27 mix 1:25 spark b7es but i have a problem, the top speed is about 83 km/h..... do you think i have the good needle position ? thank you Alan
  8. i bought last year one carburator for gs 150 and he came with a 98 . So what is the best main jet for one stock gs3 type 112 and one 212?
  9. hallo i have 2 vespa gs3 from germany, one vs3 engine (type 112) and one vs5 engine (type 212). Both engines came with the same carburator main jet : 108 (firend of mine got a gs150 from germany with one main jet 108 too...) is it normal, what is the normal size ? 103, 105 or 108? i saw italian gs 150 came with main jet 103 and 105 (for the last engine). on scooter help, and in a german manual than you for your help Alan
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