20th Classic Scooter Run in Norway 1.-3. June 2018

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Finally, the annual Classic Scooter Run in Norway is back in Oslo 1.-3. June 2018 !!!


Prepare for a smaller run than you are used to, but we offer you as always live bands, djs, bar and grill with sensible prices, dyno, ride outs and and and..


Camping on site, and hotel rooms nearby available. 


Heres the webpage:


Facebook page:


Heres some teasers from previous years:


Enter your email at for info about booking etc.



Welcome to Oslo!




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Due to another big event taking place in the same area the same weekend, for those of you who are not up to sleeping in a tent, hotel room has to be booked at the soonest before every room is taken. 


Heres a list of hotels close by:

-Soria Moria Hotel


-Scandic Olympiatoppen Sportshotel




And then two that is about 5 kms away: Gaustad Hotel and Smestad Hotel. 


And could be worth checking out Airbnb as well. 



Greetings from Oslo, Norway

Stein Overland 

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