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Lambretta Li125 S3 build year 1963, first registered begin '64


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I'm selling my series 3 Lammy


It is an Italian Li125 s3 built at the end of '63 (version with chrome ring)

and registered in the Netherlands by the first owner at the beginning of '64

I am the second owner.


I imported it from NL when I bought it and registered it in Belgium of course!


Some info about this scooter:


The first owner had repainted the Lammy sometimes in the 1980s with a paint/lacquer that unfortunately destroyed the original paint.

I tried to save it, but it was completely eaten away.

The frame and body had to be blasted, metallized (galvanized) and provided with an epoxy coating.

The black is a thin sprayed color layer.


Aluminum parts stripped and primed (against oxidation)

No filler was used anywhere, so what you see is what you get!



Does not win prizes for best paint but is rock hard. No rust, no dents, straight frame, ...


There were already some holes in the side panels, I finished them as neatly as possible.

These are the original buttocks. Stickers can be removed.


Block is original for this scooter! (matching)

Engine was overhauled a few years ago with decent material:

Fag/skf bearings, MB/viton seals, new seals

Meceur GP/DL crankshaft, Surflex B clutch plates, original SIL electronic ignition flywheel with large fins, BGM engine rubbers.

BGM gaines/cables, new wiring harness, rubbers, stainless steel bolts where possible,...


Originally built as 190 with larger carb and exhaust, but cylinder was broken

so I replaced it by original innocenti 125cc with 20mm (special) carb and casa lambretta original exhaust (this one makes vibrating sound, which seems to be a known problem)

Starts, drives and shifts!


Fork rebuilt with new bearings etc., progressive fork springs (Tino sacchi), converted to fork dampers (like DL 200)


Large stainless steel tank (16l), inside cleaned (from new), outside painted black. Fast flow.


stop button converted to key contact. Key is included, also that of glove box. I lost the steering wheel lock.

Seat is from a GP200


I always ride without rear footplates, but these are included. As well as bridge piece and inlet/air scoop

I probably forgot some things.

Belgian registration in my name, with the correct year.


I'm selling because i need space and funds for a new project


Asking price: 2900 euros


I Live in Belgium, Maasmechelen (Limburg) at aprox. 45km from Aachen and 125km from Köln


I understand German, but do not speak it very fluently



















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