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  2. Lambretta 150 Silver Special '66 O-Lack

    The Special has been sold! This topic can be closed
  3. Lambretta 150 Silver Special '66 O-Lack

    Thank you, i gave it all my soul, but now it's time for something new!
  4. Lambretta 150 Silver Special '66 O-Lack

    The Special has been reserved
  5. Hi, sorry i write in English, but i'm from Belgium (Maasmechelen), half an hour from Aachen, and about 1 hour from Köln. I have a Lambretta 150 Silver Special from 1966 for sale, with Belgium papers I Want to sell it because i need another project (Italian DL125...Or if miracles exist a DL200 or 175TV) I hope it's ok to put it for sale here, if not i will remove it! The Special was completely taken apart by mee, cleaned, all missing/wrong/broken pieces changed for original Innocenti or high quality parts (BGM, LTH,...) The engine was rebuild to original specs, all Fag/SFK bearings, Viton seals, italian gaskets, BGM clutch plates, alle internal parts original Innocenti (No indian crap) New electrical loom, switches, cables (BGM), Heidenau Tires, etc... Body, fork, and all other parts like tank, filter etc are original paint (O-Lack) Only wheels are painted to match the sx200 seat cover (original frame) Original running in sticker, oil sticker, Ducati coil sticker, filter sticker. Engine is the original of the scooter off course. I have apart from Belgium Pink slip, 6 keys... My asking price is 3600 euro You never know someone in Germany is looking for one of these! Here are some pictures, the Golden stickers on the sides will be removed upon selling Gio
  6. OK thanx... So probably piston/crank problem?
  7. I've changed the flywheel for a third time, also cleaned all grounds and checked sparkplug gap once again and now all is working. I think both flywheels i used had same problem (to little magnetisme?)But now i have some kind of knock/trembling sound coming out of top end. I hope its the flywheel thats slightly out of balance and notthing else broke .At least i now know how to fix the purple wire problem.Thanx to all for your help.this topic can be closedGrtz,Gio
  8. I suppose it's something shorting out, but i've double checked grounds. All switches are new by the way. Today i've noticed that if i rev the engine when i put the switch in position 2 the bulbs light up for a second before the engine cuts off. At idle the engine cuts off immediately. In position 3 with all lights on and pushing horn or brakelights there are no problems at all at idle... Thank you for thinking with me, all tips are always welcome with this weird problem.
  9. Thank you. junction box is new, even changed it twice and checked all connections. bulb holder where cleaner all connections and even changed place for purper wires. yesterday i even changed the coil with the purple wire for a third one, and another flywheel. Made an extra ground for the speedobulb and changed the two small lamps luck.
  10. Hi, My name is Gio, and i've been on the forum for a while, but i don't post much because of time (sorry for that) I've worked on a number of Lambretta's (or engines) but never had this problem and it's driving me mad! The Lambretta in question is an 1966 Italian 150 Silver Special. I've rebuild the engine but kept as much original parts as possible (also original paint etc). The ignition is the original 6 pole Ducati, 6V, no battery! I've been having a problem with the lights that work with the ignition switch in position 2, so the speedo bulb and bullet type lamp (position light?) and rear light. The Lambretta starts without a problem, first kick every time with the key in position 1 or 3 (headlights etc) but as soon as i put the key in position 2 it cuts out. I've checked everything and even changed the complete wiring loom, the ignition switch and the light switch, just in case... al ground cables and lamps are also new. The problem seems to be the purple wire coming from the ignition! If i put the brown cable in the place the purple needs to fit the speedo bulb and bullet lamp work! If i put the purple cable in the position the brown has to be, the bike cuts of with the ignition switch in position 3!! So, before you say change the stator....i already tried with a second one i had!!! This is the weirdest problem i ever had. Is there someone that had the same problem? Or does the Ducati 6pole stator have a known issue with the purple wire? I've checked everything else a million times and tried everything i know...always same problem! If i forgot something, please ask. I hope someone can help me. Sorry for writing in english... i understand german, but cannot speak or write it very good!
  11. High revs when up to temp

    I've checked the cable. It looks ok. And it revs even when not on it. But i've already decided to change it anyway! If by misstaken the Grease i used is not the right high temp one, can this hurt? Anyway i want to think you all for the ideas!
  12. High revs when up to temp

    Possibly it was too much, or maybe not high temp grease? I don't remember what i used. Could this give the high revs? Or should i continue looking?
  13. High revs when up to temp

    Today i had a bit of time to check some things. Re-checked carbfitting, gaskets etc... nothing to see. So wanted to do air leak test, but because i didn't have the material i decided to start and strip some parts of the engine. One of the things was ignition. This is what i found behind the stator: Grease, and something that looks like oil/mixture or melted grease?? So i guess this is the problem... I'll replace both seals, and best to check all other while i'm at it. How can this much grease pass two pretty new oil seal and a new crank? Bad quality? Difference in size? (somebody maybe had this problem?) Or maybe just bad luck?
  14. High revs when up to temp

    Thanx, Checked exhaust flange, looks ok and tight. Was changed only 300kms ago (MB one, these tend to blow once they get air) I will probably need to get engine off and seal the base gasket! Other ideas are always welcome.
  15. Hi Guys, I've been having some problems with my Li the last two weeks. I've tried a few things, changed some things around and can't find the problem (for now). I would love the engine gurus, the riders, the experts...well...everybody if someone can give me an idea of what it can be. First the specs: Li 125 engine Used to have a Gori sport (modified by Gori himself) kit, but managed to destroy it, so now i have an unworked cilinder, basically a stockDL bored to 66mm, no tuning, stock portings 60mm GP Crank Li150 gearbox, 15/46, MB selector LTH chainpuller Surflex B clutchplates with stronger springs Gori Sport exhaust (36mm) slightly modified with bigger silencer (These are LOUD) Keihin 28PWK on MB intake, normally with LTH elbow and remote filter I run 3% Motul 800 (maybe a bit too much) Variotronic at 23° at 2000 to 4000rpm with NGK B9ES (maybe i should go down to 21° or less) If i've forgotten something, please ask Now the problem(s): Engine always ran well, pretty torquey for a low power engine. A few weeks ago i had to re-weld the exhaust because of poor fitting. I also checked piston, head, cilinder (light scoring around exhaust port after less then 1000km with this cilinder) The base gasket is 1mm aluminium, normally i put some sealant on it, but because it was al clean i put it on whitout (maybe one of the problems) Two weeks ago i went for a longer ride. Noticed it started not on first or second kick with choke, like usual. Thinking the mixture screw or pilot jet maybe wasn't perfect after i've put on the bigger silencer i didn't think much of it. When cold the bike ran as usual, except maybe a bit less smooth... Then after a couple of km's the engine began to rev high when letting loose of the throttle, changing gears and standing still at lights. Pulled aside and it looked like the rubber on carb maybe was a little bit loose, or it was the mixture screw. Turn off lammy, fettle a little, starts perfectly, first kick, runs great....form a km or so! Then it starts again. I carried on to where i was going, and checked everything. After sitting a while (cooling down) everything seemed normal...then it started again...worse and worse. In the week i changed the rubber carb mount, checked that everything was tight, changed sparkplug etc. Then checked jets, mixture screw and did some adjustments. Tried it a few times on the streets and everything looked good. Next day on a longer ride...again!! High revs and shaking when letting go of throttle, changing gears and standing still. If i let go of clutch a bit when standing still it lowers rpm a little (i now, not so good for clutch) I've checked everything i could think of: gaskets, rubbers, bolts, checked for oil/gasoline leaks etc I don't have a tool for an air leak test, so do the old school way with brake cleaner btw, no blue smoke! Anyone that has worked on same kind of problem? Sorry for the long text Gio