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60 jare alt.
Suzammenstell von ersatzteile (Ich glaube im 1979) - brauch als "demo" und werbung farzeug. 
Ein altes Wespe, nie restauriert, nie brauch., 






first of all welcome to the GSF! Feel free to write in english, I think most german users will understand this better, and most swedish people have far better skills in english, than in german ;-)

Your post is in the gallery, where it is not possible to answer, except for the moderating team. If it was your intention only to present some pics of your Vespa, then this is the right place anyhow.

You can edit your own topics by clicking "Bearbeiten" on the lower right end of your post. To change the title, you have to click in the following window "Zum vollständigen Editor wechseln".


thisnotes4u / moderating team









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