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  1. For sale Rare Vespa VNS in good working condition. This is the Swedish special Light weight version of the 125 cc Vespa VNB model from the 1960's Registered in Sweden and still registered and in operation. The difference between the Swedish VNS Vespa and European VNB version was that it was build to be light weight. Aluminum fenders, Aluminum covers, Light weight geaar sprokets. This one for sale has got a new seat - The original seat was smaller and acutally quite hard to sit on. It is also missing the aluminum rims that was supplied by the factory. (I have never came across these rims ever). Asking price SEK 22 000 (= 2.340 € VHB) Can be test driven and picked up in Stockholm City. For sale 1958 Vespa VNA unrestored in good working condition. Purchased by a girl in 1958 and used by the same person without interruption until 2012 Purchased by me in 2014. Runs after that I cleaned the tank replaced condenser, clutch disks and points. It comes with the original sales documents, contract, users guide and original licenceplate from 1958. It also have the original rear luggage rack from 1958. Registered in Sweden. It's have never been stored for any length of time. The front seat Vinyl was replaced last year as the old one waas to brittle to sit on. The rear seat cusion appear to be the original one. Asking price SEK 25 000 (= 2.660 € VHB) Can be test driven and picked up in Stockholm City.
  2. Halo I came across a clutch drive plate that looks like it would fit a normal Vespa VNA VNB engine... BUT the gear ratio is really strange it is 29/19. The disc diameter is the normal 96 mm Is it for alpen climbing, pulling sidecars oder etwas ?
  3. This Vespa VNA from 1958 have belonged to a lady that purchased it in 1958. She have been using it uninterrupted for 54 years, without any major repair !! In 2012 engine started to fail, the clutch was slipping and the seat had cracked and she decided it was time to let it go. I have since then cleaned the gas tank and carburator, replaced the clutch discs, fuel line, condensor, points gearbox oil and control wires. not much for a 56 year old sccooter. It came with a sparepart book, owners manual and the original sales contract. For spring the Vespa vill get a new pair of tires. After resting for two years the Vespa is back on the road, running for the 57th year, I will now add som more pictures.
  4. I happen to have a 1953 Vespa that was made from spareparts and used as display and for marketing purposed. I have had it for 14 years but I have never started the Vespa. Finally taking a closer look at it, I have come to realize that when it was build they used a Vespa U Engine instead of the normal VM1 Engine. I believe this Engine is quite rare.. What can it be worth ?
  5. Pictures from my garage, one of my last aquired scooter, A Primaveraa that has lived a hard life I like it as it has been kept and not restored. Enjoy!
  6. Hello I have got Maulschlussen 17855 Used, 17856 NOS und duppelmaulshlussel 17858 NOS So what does top $$$€€€ mean in this case ? Kind regard Börje Persson
  7. Von archives des EHR Motor I better use English as it was more than 30 years ago I learned Deutch. So this is a series of pictures made for promotion of Piaggio Vechiles for Sweden. I have a number of these from the archive of the Como Bielke, the Piaggio representative of Sweden in the 1950 s Enjoy! Börje
  8. 60 jare alt. Suzammenstell von ersatzteile (Ich glaube im 1979) - brauch als "demo" und werbung farzeug. Ein altes Wespe, nie restauriert, nie brauch., Hi, first of all welcome to the GSF! Feel free to write in english, I think most german users will understand this better, and most swedish people have far better skills in english, than in german Your post is in the gallery, where it is not possible to answer, except for the moderating team. If it was your intention only to present some pics of your Vespa, then this is the right place anyhow. You can edit your own topics by clicking "Bearbeiten" on the lower right end of your post. To change the title, you have to click in the following window "Zum vollständigen Editor wechseln". thisnotes4u / moderating team
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