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  1. Hi all, First, please excuse that I’m posting this in English, I hope it’s ok (However, I do read German). Thing is that I have converted my Quattrini M1 60 to case reed using a Parmakit reed manifold (the one with a CR80/older, small Quattrini M1L reed). I've turned it around so the carb is pointing out through frame since the frame was already cut. My question is if anyone knows of a short, totally straight carb rubber flange that fits, or could be modified to fit the Parmakit manifold/reed cage? Does anyone for example know of a straight RD350 inlet rubber flange? As for now I’ve just shortened the inlet pipe as much as possible and I’m using the short MB connection rubber, but it would save a few millimetres to use a rubber flange instead of the metal flange plus connection rubber. Any hints or suggestions are very welcome!
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