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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a secondhand Mazzucchelli full circle, 60mm stroke for my engine. has anyone for sell one. Don’t matter if is not balanced. Is for this kind of engine regards joao
  2. Hello, Could you help me understanding how they connect the pump to the flywheel?
  3. Hello, I have a vespa rally with a PX 200 engine mid-tuning. I have brought a wiring loom 12v conversion from beedspeed. But I have one difference, I do need to have a eletric start, but I dont know how to do it. Could you help me? I have below, a diagram that what i had there and what i need to connect to key ignition (below of seat on the frame, as the ET3https://www.scooter-time.com/en/electrical-parts/switches-and-selectors/ignition-lock-for-vespa-et3-original-siem-key.2.15.153.gp.1607.uw), push button (on headset, momentary with 2 connections, https://www.westfloridacomponents.com/SW130APH01/Push+Button+Switch+Momentary+4A+125VAC+SPST.html), starter motor (https://www.scooter-time.com/en/electrical-parts/stators-and-flywheels/starter-motor-vespa-px-pe-98-my-cosa.2.15.129.gp.5917.uw) and starter relay (https://www.maxiscoot.com/rms-starter-relay-12v-80ah-vespa-px-125-150cc-w-disc-brake-r246400110-3.html). The voltage regulator is from BGM. The system was already working, but, the battery was not charging, and was running with voltage above 30v. I really need your help Regard João
  4. Joao56777


  5. Hello, I Want your help and knowledge. How do I change the 12v conversion switch for vespa rally, for this change: - Mantain the High and low beam and horn, - Add the Turn Signal (substitute the other switch function). Could you help me Regards
  6. Hello, as the rear disc brake. Not needed but Is a good feature. I build one, despite is a cool thing, i dont see any difference. Is just to feel the difference between the two techniques. So I would like if, someone have this experience.
  7. Hello, Someone have a SIP hydraulic clutch available? I'm looking for one, but if I cant find I would like to build one. My only issue is to find or build a hydraulic plumber, as SIP make to weld on original cover plate. Please could you help me on this. Regards João
  8. Hello, I'm looking a LeftHand one. Maybe anybody have some exhaust that want to sell
  9. Did anybody want to sell second hand (used) for vesp PX 200 with Malossi mhr 210 kit with 60 mm crank.
  10. Hello, how to to do a transformation of malossi mhr 210 cylinder for watercooled system? do I need to cut all the fins, and then weld a 1.5 aluminum gasket? Or just open some flows (holes) on fins to recirculate water with pressure pump help. regards
  11. The devil inside engine. How they achieve 235cc and reach 150 km/h and almost 30 PS with 60 mm crank? the suzuki piston is NOT shorter than 211 Malossi mhr, so, only reach 221cc http://devilinside.de/Devil_Inside_Racer/Evo_1_old/evo_1_old.html http://scooter-fr.chez-alice.fr/devilevo1.htm Could you help me to solve this question? And, if you know, how to solve the problem of cycilinder water circulation inside of cylinder malossi basket. Regards
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