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  1. Hello, I am not English so not a native speaker and the translate function does not always give good results. I did not build the engine, DSC Scotty built it as the port for the read valve. In my opinion he is one of the very best in the UK. I would normally use the fittings entioned myself. I have not had any problems with 'grub' screws in the casing. They are handy if you need to remove or replace the studs without removing the chain case side. The nut on the gear left is retrofitted to remove the weakness that is the standard circplip. If you do many rally miles these can pop up causing much nuisance. The nut is a more permanent fixing. The neutral switch is due to the fact it is a later Spanish engine casing. The pipe is a Ron moss avanti clubman. It's a very nice exhaust and I'm looking forward to seeing the results on the dyno. Full spec, MB reedvalve, RT 225 with boost port, 30mm phbh, Ron moss's avanti clubman, Scotty 60/110 crank, cyclone 5 speed and reedspeed 5 plate clutch.
  2. That looks a good option. I could maybe head up to Denmark and make an adventure of it.
  3. I been looking at that list, but a lot of the flyers do not have much information. So I was hoping to get some personal recommendation of what is on and what people are looking forward to. Jordan
  4. Hello, I am thinking of doing a european ride in the summer and was hoping to try and include a rally. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a rally during late July/August. I do not mind if the rally is big or small ideally a picturesque setting would be good. Please post any details of you favourite rallies. Jordan
  5. Thank you for all the replies. Struggled to find a sensible transport quotation (my original man with van gave back word due to lack of understanding of Swiss rules). I think if I was on mainland Europe it would be much easier. However, it looks like I could be liable for 2 lots of taxes (the first country it enters and again in the UK). Jordan
  6. Is getting through the border as simple as having a bill of sale and producing that if requested? Cheers
  7. I'm fully aware I'm likely to have to pay UK Vat and I'm versed with the system here to declare the vehicles arrival. However, what I'm more concerned with is whether there is any specific process at the border? Or wther I need to fill in any forms? Cheers for the reply.
  8. I am in the process of buying a scooter in Switzerland, just a restoration project Lambretta (nothing to exciting, just a fair price). There is very little information on the process as its not common in the UK. However I figured, it must be far more common in Germany. Could someone advise whether there is anything specific that needs to be done? Or whether there is any specific export documentation that is required prior to it leaving Switzerland? I am familiar with the process once I have the scooter in the UK, but not getting one from outside the EU. Cheers
  9. Hello, I would appreciate help in finding an original Vigano style front bumper. It would be a great help to complete my german market lambretta. No silly prices please.
  10. Hello, I would appreciate help in finding an original Vigano style front bumper. It would be a great help to complete my german market lambretta. No silly prices please.
  11. Aha! A great piece of information. Would you be will to share and take photos of other pages relating to TV175 SS accessories? It would be very useful to my project. I have only ever seen one of those racks when looking at German Market Lambrettas. I would agree that their shape only compliments the rear number plate holder and that they were probably only made for Germany. Do people ever come by these racks? Or are they few and far between? Jordan
  12. Hello, I think this is the appropriate topic for advice. Could anyone advise what rear rack this is? I have only seen these when searching for images of German market Lambrettas. Is it a German Market accessory or just coincidence?
  13. Ignore that last post, thank you stefan 73!
  14. Is that the badge in the "I Say Ding Dong" link? Looks very similar?
  15. Hello, I hope you guys can help me :) I am in the process of restoring a TV175 SS. Unfortunately, like an idiot I have managed to loose the 'innocenti' script badge that sits on the legshields. I can't see any clear pictures online and cannot find any remade items other than these. So does anyone have an original? Or could anyone suggest which is the most appropriate out of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280538611790?rmvSB=true https://www.isaydingdong.co.uk/ourshop/prod_4261825-Innocenti-Script-Style-Laser-Cut-Self-Adhesive-Scooter-Badge-5.html
  16. Thanks for the suggestion so far... The Rhur event sticker is looking good. Although, I do feel a nod to it's original location would be a really nice touch. Is there anyway to find out this information without documents or registration?
  17. Should have been more clear, it is a series 2. I have asked and who I have purchased it off, if he knows where it was first sold. However, he does not but will ask the previous owner. As I feel a regional sticker would be a nice touch also. Looking forward to getting some more ideas. Cheers!
  18. Hello all, I have come into the possession of a lovely German model Lambretta. It is in original paint and that has cleaned up well, however there are a few bashes that I think a tasteful sticker might hide. It would be nice to pay homage to it's German heritage. So I'm after suggestions for some vintage/of the era stickers? Either Lambretta related or simply typical of the time. Thanks in advance!
  19. Sold out? So was hoping to find something that some had tucked away somewhere...
  20. I'm looking for a kickstart side panel for a serveta jet/li, or even a pair of that is easier. The clip on type. Struggling to find anything in the uk, so looking a little further afield. Thanks, Jordan
  21. What is the general feeling on the best pipe to use with the RT225? I have had a lot of success with the NK Rally Road, however this is beyond repair now. My set up is a 60mm crank, 110mm rod, 30mm PHBH, Li150 gearing with 16/46 sprockets, BGM ignition with an M-tech. With the NK I was achieving 75mph GPS speeds and fast motorway cruising around 65mph+ two up with luggage. In fact over a 300 mile journey on a mixture of road types I averaged over 60mph including time stopped for fuel. Anyway, I have a PipeDesign Voyager and a Franspeed Super Tourer. I feel that the PipeDesign would suite a higher revving engine, but my question is what is the feeling around the Franspeed pipe?
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