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  1. droopy-one


  2. Bitte die Regeln für das Marktplatzforum beachten. Besonders wichtig, um die Threads möglichst kurz zu halten, sind die PORNO Regeln: - Preis : 112 euros 100 euros - Meine in Frankreich, delivery in MagnyCours possible - Pv Swiss oder German lenker, specific rectangle commodo, full hydraulic for PX master cylinder - As pictured (no gear tube), I would agree to exchange (tauschen ?) against normal, non prepared complete Italian primavera / pv handlebar . This is my first sale on this forum, so feel free to ask questions.
  3. Up I will be at MagnyCours Scootentole race 23 Septembre ;)
  4. Hallo, Ich suche Smallframe Motorgehäuse oder nur Hälften , 2 zug, dreschieber noch gut. Ich lebe in Frankreich. Danke. Allo, Allo, ici radio Scootentole !!!
  5. ... Allo, allo, I am Olivier from scootentole . Not really sure I understand the full discussion but I 'd like to make some precisions on Scootentole rules , yes these rules exit and are even written in english . By the way, they are the same as last year During the technical check I reminded the participants that this Scootentole challenges has its french rules where the central plate is conpulsory (for french challenges) . Then I wrote on the technical check paper : " Missing central plate, OK ESC" which allowed all particpants to enjoy on the track . This addition to the rules was made some time ago to comply with our insurance and the experience of serious injuries in the past. We then take our precautions. An other point is about the side panels of the scooters; In our scooter scene the image of the races is important, and we found that having extreme cut scooters on the track has been preventing newbees to join, we then decided to focus on VESPA and LAMBRETTA image for our races. Hope to see you next year again
  6. Ich suche vorne RS24 für PK oder zip gabel. Gekurtz acceptiert ;) bitubo ok auch aber nur gekurtz fur Zip gabel. Danke
  7. Allo, Allo, ici radio Scootentole ;)

  8. Hello, I am not sure I understand everything, but I will try to respond to somme things. I am Olivier : allo, allo radio scootentole , its me I am very sorry that such a bad injury happened on this weekend . First of all, as Kty mention it, the friday training is not under scootentole responsability (and you do not pay for scootentole but the track owner), therefore, the race director is not from our organisation. We surely will try to work on this issue in order to improve the security on the days outside of scootentole challenge if possible. I was on the track at the moment of the incident (which happened not far behind me), I have been there in less than a minute. I saw the injury and instantly realised its importance , I stayed with the victim all the time, made him sit on my vespa while he was almost fainting. The doctor who was fortunately already on site has been called in the following minute, and the ambulance very soon later. I agree that the delay before the fire brigade came has been far too long even if we are in the midle of nowhere . Despite this sad event, I would also like to thank you all for coming and make such a good atmosphere . I am very happy that we decided to give the Scootentole "trophée Le Prim" to Tim who is really such a nice fellow. Thank you also Mister Klein, for the proposal to help next year by trying to provide commissaires and manpower to continue to help to this good organisation. we are always looking for good will . Olivier
  9. droopy-one

    ESC News

    All, do not worry too much, we keep very good relations with ESC , we understand ESC concerns for 2012, and we will do a lot of effort for you to come back in 2013 ;) ... Our traditionnal date for Mirecourt is " ascension day" (do not know the translation for this word: Aufstiegs Tag?) which this year is very very early in the season : Mid May. For the French drivers the date is in the minds, and we so far have booked the race track one year in advance every year for the same day : "ascension day" ... We also have an other race to organise before Mirecourt : Marcillat and an other one in September : MagnyCours, so it is also difficult for us to totally change our races calendar... Hope to see you soon ;) Did we introduce the team scootentole by the way : from left to right: Kty (Antoine) , Luccio , Olivier (me) and T5Best (Arnaud)
  10. droopy-one

    ESC News

    Indeed, we have been really proud and happy to host an ESC event in France . We would have really apreciated and be happy to do it again this year . However, we had already booked the track in Mirecourt for 19 May 2012 and it had become impossible to postpone the event . We therefore have proposed to be an official ESC training session, and we are always very happy to meet you , and play with the racer that are sometimes just slightly faster than we are ;) ... Olivier
  11. Ya das war gut . Immer gut euch zu sehen on the track ... Maniac, du magst das track so viel das du ein lap mehr machst . Ihr habt auch viel Stimmung am Abend mit burns eingestelltt . Aber Ein franzoze war stärker als euch um den Motor zu werfen Kann Ich nicht mehr in deutch schreiben . Besser wenn Ich english screibe ??? Olivier
  12. Hallo, Ich suche ein hinten recht rahmen smallframe : Das ist fur mein primavera, da kannst du sehen was es fehlt : Ich brauche nicht alles von : http://www.sip-scootershop.com/FR/Products/Tole+de+reparation+partie_PV153455 ... Danke Ich suche auch ein PX spoiler race...
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