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  1. Zum Verkauf steht: komplettes wassergekühltes Kit mit MB Suzuki Kolben mit 70 mm, Malossi Zylinder ummantelt. Devil Inside Zylinderkopf, mechanische Wasserpumpe, abgedrehtes Lüfterrad. Alles unbenutzt. Es fehlen die 4 Buchsen, die die Stehbolzen vom Zylinderkopf isolieren, sind aber leicht zu fertigen 550 EUROS VERSANKOSTENFREI! SALE COMPLETE OLD SCHOLL WATER COOLED KIT, WITH MB MALOSSI-SUZUKI CONVERSION KIT WITH 70 mm SUZUKI PI
  2. It's sold the exhaust? You can send it to Spain? Thanks


    Yours. Jose Antonio


  3. Please, Can anybody upload the file again?: A lot of thanks
  4. Hello, I'm sorry, I do not speak German, you have a private message. Thanks
  5. I have thought to use the 68 mm because I also think that bore to 70 mm can be too. I know how to make the windows of the original piston. Thanks I believe that find the Autisa kit for Lambretta in Spain is more difficult than in England or Germany. But I'll let you know if I find one.
  6. Hello, I can not speak German, but I wish to ask a question in your forum; Anybody Know the cuality and the result of the new Beedspeed's pistons for PX200?. I'd like to use it with a old ported Autisa. Take this opportunity to congratulate you on your forum, that I read usually with great difficulty (Google translate). Thanks
  7. For years now I am following your forum from Spain, but I can not participate because I do not speak German. I congratulate you for the forum and take the opportunity to ask where I can buy the flicht auspuff. Thanks
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