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  1. Thanks. I’m just very worried about the high temperature it is showing while running in. Also I just realised I made a mistake in my original post. It is only doing 60kph when it reads 164degC, not mph. No modification to carburettor, 140 main jet is the only jetting change so far, which is more than SIP suggests on their listing for the M232 kit. Ignition is Vespatronic, set to 18 degree retarded.. Basically the engine is built to the same specs as suggested on the SIP listing for the M232 kit; barrel, piston, SI24 upjetted, Vespatronic, SIP Road 2 pipe. Plug colour is good. I’m just surprised and worried by such a high temperature at a low speed. I can’t find any way to contact Quattrini directly. I’ve contacted SIP but have yet to get a reply from them. I figured that in this M232/244 thread there would probably be quite a few people that would be running some type of CHT gauge so I could find out if these high temperatures are just usual for this kit. This engine is going in a scooter for the Motoretta TT in NZ in April so I’m trying to get it run in and set up well before then. Cheers
  2. Is anyone willing to help out a NZ scooterist? I’m desperate for information on temperatures. Can’t seem to find anything and I thought people in this forum might be able to help me out. Thanks
  3. Sensor is under the spark plug. I use a SIP digital speedo. It’s not a Vespa cylinder, it’s a Quattrini M232 cylinder with the accompanying Quattrini crank, piston, and head. Thanks
  4. Hi all, First time posting in this forum. Sorry if this has been covered but I can’t seem to find it - probably mostly because I don’t know German. im trying to find out what sort of temperature range people get from M232. I am running mine in and it seems very high temperature. At 60 mph it is 164deg. I have only done about 20km on the engine so haven’t gone faster yet. I have spoken to one other person who had a M232 that ran similar temperature, and also at 100Kph their engine showed 185deg. My engine is running 24/24 carb, SIP Road 2 pipe and casings ported to match the cylinder. I want to be sure I’m not overheating the engine. Are these temperatures usual for the M232? Thanks in advance. Hallo zusammen, Erstmalige Veröffentlichung in diesem Forum. Tut mir leid, wenn dies abgedeckt wurde, aber ich kann es nicht finden - wahrscheinlich hauptsächlich, weil ich kein Deutsch kann. Ich versuche herauszufinden, welchen Temperaturbereich die Leute von M232 bekommen. Ich führe meine ein und es scheint sehr heiß zu sein. Bei 60 Meilen pro Stunde sind es 164 Grad. Ich habe nur ungefähr 20km mit dem Motor gemacht, also bin ich noch nicht schneller Ich habe mit einer anderen Person gesprochen, die einen M232 hatte, der eine ähnliche Temperatur hatte, und auch bei 100 km / h zeigte der Motor 185 Grad. Mein Motor läuft mit 24/24 Carb, SIP Road 2-Rohr und Gehäusen, die an den Zylinder angepasst sind. Ich möchte sicher gehen, dass ich den Motor nicht überhitze. Sind diese Temperaturen für den M232 üblich? Das Vielen Dank im Voraus.
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