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130 Cylinder head leak

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I have a very anoying problem...my PK is equiped with 130cc DR tuning kit and its always leaking oil between cylinder and cylinder head...i tried with about 5 different high temperature silicone jointing pastes but it doesnt help...so i was thinking if someome has a 130 POLINI cylinder head to sell(that sure has better finishing touch than DR cylinder head) or if someone can recomend a good mechanic who can flat out my head?

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You can easily flat it our yourself with a glass plate and abrasive paper.


You can also mill a notch with a Dremel in your cylinder head by using a can with the right diameter to run it along. It only has to be a few 1/10mm deep. Then put on a little Uhu high temperatute silicone and wait till it's dry. Now mount the head again, it will stay dry. It works like an o-ring. :thumbsup:

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