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1st Endurance Challenge Scootentole - MagnyCours-Club - October 21st,

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On saturday, you can also train on the kart track (smaller track) in alternance with kartings from 15:30 to 17:00, 20euro to be paid to the circuit.

Endurance Race planning

Saturday 20th october

12h30 - 15h30 : Administrative registrations and technical inspection.

16h00 - 17h00: Mandatory briefing for Team Managers

17h00 – 18h00 : Free practice (lights on) - At the same time, you will have access to the pits to setup your stand

18h00 – 19h00 : qualifications (timed practice)

Sunday 21th october

7h30 : Briefing pilots

8h15 – 8h45 : warm-up

9h00 : Start

19h00 : Finish

19h30 : Podium + Tombola (lucky draw) + Apero ! :cheers:

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Und der TT92 nach guten 5 Stunden...

Mike wir sollten uns was für die Serienproduktion von Rennrahmen überlegen.

@KTY: Thanks for the organization and the translation support! It was a very nice weekend and we all had loads of fun. If you analyze my blood now you will still find some rests of adrenaline left...

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Additionally, do note that conversely to the traditional Challenge Scootentole, we wont be able to provide you with any breakfast. There is also no fast-food on the circuit; Bring your own food !

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Provisional list :

N°1-Véloce Racing Team – FRA - Bradier J./Contrino/Fenayon/Dinet – Vespa T5 166 Malossi

N°2-HeiVes – AUT – Randazzo/Fritz/NN – Vespa PK Falc 153cc

N°3-Sqooter.Com ASCC Racing – AUT – NN/NN/NN – Vespa 90SS Replica / moteur ref. liquide

N°4-VCA Vespa Club d’Auvergne – FRA – Micucci/Micucci/Vaz/Moreux – Vespa V5A 133 Polini

N°5-Wok Café Team – FRA – Milesi/Milesi/Robillard – Vespa PX 213 Pinasco

N°6-Frog Racing Team – FRA – Pot/Carroy/Dupont – Vespa PX 223 Pinasco

N°7-Burzock Team – FRA – Nobleaux/Nobleaux/Jules/Koempgen – Vespa 220 Pinasco

N°8-VSS Racing Team –FRA – Quentin/Choffel/Gerbier/Delui/Garcia Flores – Vespa PK 133 Parmakit

N°9-Stihl Racing Team – GER – Fattorusso/Roer/Kummermehr/Engel – Vespa Cosa 210 Malossi

N°10-70’s Scooter Boys – FRA – Di Palma/Baguet/Barbot/Grand – Vespa 50 Spe Polini 133

N°11-70’s Scooter Girls – FRA – Renault/Gillot/Dubus/Desmercières/Desmercières – Vespa 50 Spe Polini 133

N°12-Drouille Sud-Est – FRA – Halitim/Bordas/Blanc/Le Strat - Vespa PX 210 Malossi

N°13-SPRT – FRA – Penfold/Jalabert/Bres/Desnuelle/Fleury – Vespa PK HP4 Quattrini M1

N°14-GDM Vespa Club des Savoies – FRA – Excoffier/Scalzo/Brunet/Fontaine – Vespa 177 Parmakit

N°15-TVSC – FRA – Carrette/Lafarge/Fallay/Vacher/Couillaud – Vespa PX 177 Pinasco

N°16-Fuckin’Team - FRA – Edot-Seyniarich/ Bradier G./Ruellet/Cappellini – Vespa PX 213 Pinasco

N°17-GDB Large – CH - Astrid Wholgemuth/Wenger/Keckeis/Luthi-– Vespa PX T5 Malossi

N°18-GDB Small – CH – Gaelle Vidonne/Vidonne/Grammatikopoulos/Vassilis/Gex Fabry – Vespa PK ETS Malossi 136

N°19-GSF SCK Endurance Team – GER – Betz-Putz-Buttner – Vespa PK 133 Polini Evo

N°20-La Drouille Racing Team – FRA – De Araujo/Sanchez/Cuisset/Poret – Vespa PX 200 stock

N°21-Italian Scoot – FRA – Vengeon/Daca/Fortin – Vespa PX 210 Malossi

N°22-Authentik Casa Lambretta- FRA – (Fraval-Guigue-Arneguy-Dufrechoux) – Lambretta LD200 Stage4

N°23-Authentik Scooter II – FRA – (Azcue-Labarère-Palloume) – Vespa PK H2O (liquide)

N°24-Authentik Scooter I – FRA – (Mathieu-Finantz-Mahous-Castera) – Vespa PX 210 Malossi


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Ich hoffe auf Regen bzw wechselnde Witterungen.

Hab den Roller umgebaut sodass man Reifen wechseln kann ohne den Auspuff abmontieren zu müssen.

Reifen wird eh noch geändert.






Und der BGM Stoßdämpfer paßt jetzt auch in Verbindung mit dem Quattrini Auspuff.


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